Investment in Brighton pays dividends for community


AS we approach the beginning of the new financial year, Brighton has some exciting capital works planned that will continue to provide improved public facilities for our community.

As residents will be aware, we are well advanced with the development of the new Brighton Medical Centre. Having already worked extremely hard to attract and re-establish the local GP service, Council is currently negotiating with a range of providers so that a full range of medical and ancillary services can be available through the new centre. The GPs will move to the centre from the current facility next to the Brighton Pharmacy and work is about to commence on the car park and landscaping, which will be undertaken by Council staff to keep overheads at a minimum. Equipment for the centre has also been purchased and I expect to announce more details in the coming weeks.

With the continued growth of our region, the establishment of a full service medical centre at Brighton has been a major objective of Council for many years and I know that it will be welcomed and supported by our community.

Important work is also being undertaken in the area between Butler Street and the gates of the former Brighton Army Camp. This involves the replacement of the existing open drain with storm-water pipes and the construction of a footpath. This will improve the link between the planned future subdivision to be developed on the old army camp site and the Brighton township. The works cover a length of some 230 metres and include a 2.5 metre-wide shared use footpath.  The project is expected to take three months to complete.

At Old Beach, Council has agreed to commence upgrading the rear unit of the recently purchased 84 Jetty road property as new headquarters for the Old Beach Cricket Club. The development has been planned following consultation with the cricket club and will include a clubroom, change rooms, umpires rooms and a kitchen. The Old Beach Cricket Club is a highly valued community organisation and the project will link this part of the 84 Jetty road lot to the Lennox Park Oval precinct, providing improved facilities for local cricketers and other users of the sports ground.

These are just a few examples of the projects being planned and undertaken by your Council over the coming months. I look forward to reporting on other important works in future issues of Brighton Community News.