Home cooking teaches children more than food prep

WE all know that cooking at home with children encourages healthier lifestyles and teaches valuable life skills. But did you know children are also learning early maths and science concepts in their cooking?

Comparing temperature, weighing, measuring, counting and observing change, just to name a few. There are many jobs even the youngest of your children can do in the kitchen. Even babies can sit alongside you in a high chair and feel, touch, taste and smell all the different ingredients. So, if you haven’t involved your children in preparing daily meals give it a try today.

Donny, the Pontville Play2Learn chef, makes cannelloni with Pontville Play2Learn children.

Good Beginnings runs Play2Learns at Pontville Hall Thursday mornings, Gagebrook Primary Monday mornings, at  St Paul’s Monday mornings and at tagari lia Wednesday mornings. Everyone is welcome to attend

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