Hidden gems sparkle in the community

Pauline Williams is one of Brighton Municipality’s hidden gems.

By SHERYL RAINBIRD*                                                                                       

EVERY neighbourhood has hidden gems. There are those we see every day and take no notice of until a visitor says what a wonder it is, or maybe it’s someone or something we didn’t know about. There are many hidden gems in Brighton Municipality. We have a rich history and river and mountain views that would make anyone stop and stare. We also have some fabulous people who care about their neighbours, which is what makes a community and gives us a sense of belonging.

Pauline Williams is one of the many hidden gems of whom many would be unaware. Pauline has been an active volunteer in our community for many years now and has lived in the area for approximately 32 years. She started by helping out at the local primary school, sitting with the children and helping with their reading and writing for their Bridges Program. 

One of Brighton’s hidden gems, Pauline Williams

Pauline has also been a Brighton Lions Club member and during her three years with the club helped cook many a sausage on the barbecue.

Most of Pauline’s volunteer time has been spent helping behind the scenes at the St Vincent de Paul Society and Dining with Friends held monthly at the Brighton Civic Centre. Pauline first became involved when her brother, David Williams asked her to come along and share a meal. After that first meal, Pauline started cooking and has since spent many hours in the kitchen. Starting at 10am on the morning of an event and working until around 8.30pm, Pauline works alongside other volunteers to produce an enjoyable meal for up to 120 people, once a month. She says seeing the smile on people’s faces makes it all worthwhile.

Each month I would like to highlight some of our hidden gems so if you know of someone who is a hidden gem and would like help to highlight that gem, please send the writer (Sheryl) an email at: sherylrainbird@gmail.com

*Sheryl Rainbird is a local resident and Café Connections member