Healthy and safety all important tips for your kids


Some tips to help keep healthy and safe when out and at home for families with young children.

When you’re at home a good way to keep hands clean is to have more water play at home and add soap. Remember to always watch children around water. Also, wash hands before and after you eat.Page 8 Health column

A proper mealtime structure helps stop grazing on food over the day. Try and make all meals and snacks time to sit down. This helps less hands in mouth and touching things.

Meals do not always have to be at the table, it could be a garden picnic on a sunny day, on the deck outside, or a mat on the floor inside. This helps keeps things fun and as routine as possible.

If you have a garden or outside area at home make this a place where they can play freely. They can pick up leaves, flowers, rocks and sticks.

Make sure you have ‘home ‘clothes and ‘out and about’ clothes. While you’re out have an out and about entertainment bag just for them. Put in washable toys so you can give them a good clean once home.

Don’t forget to always pack hand gel in your out and about bag and make it routine to wash hands when you come home.

*Alison Ward is Community dietitian of Public Health Services for the  Department of Health