Hard work and loyal customers pay off for Brighton Hardware

BRIGHTON Hardware owners Paul Diaz and Leanne Taylor are absolutely over the moon with their recent win in the Telstra Small Business Awards but the say the win is “all down to their wonderful customers”.

Brighton Hardware’s award-winning combination of Paul Diaz and Leanne Taylor-Diaz with Telstra Country Wide manager Noel Hunt.
Brighton Hardware’s award-winning combination of Paul Diaz and Leanne Taylor-Diaz with Telstra Country Wide manager Noel Hunt.

Paul and Leanne won the Tasmanian business owner micro-business award after turning around a business to be the success that it is today.

“We couldn’t have done this without our wonderfully loyal customer base and we would really like to thank them for helping us achieve what we have been able to achieve,” Leanne said.

A customer-focused hardware store, Brighton Hardware took out the Telstra businessowner micro-business award turning around what Paul described as a dying business and in its place, maintaining and establishing a loyal group of customers in a very competitive market.

Paul and Leanne said when they took over the store the stock was depleted, there were few customers, and they had only about $20,000 to stock the shop. Leanne admitted she hardly knew the difference between a nail and a bolt.

While Paul had a strong background knowledge of what was needed in terms of making sure the shop flourished, both also relied on finding out what customers wanted and then let their friendly personalities deliver it. Their loyal customers did the rest.

“It really has been a pleasure to help our customers in this way. We really need a strong retail sector in our community and we are thrilled that we have been able to provide service that our customers want and continue to come back to us for,” Leanne said.

In three years Brighton Hardware has developed into a $450,000-a-year business.

“It’s a local shop and once they saw that they could come in here and get what they wanted, they came and bought more and more. It’s just as much a social place for the customers that come here -a bit like going to the barber,” Paul Diaz said.

Mr Diaz said he was amazed at how Leanne had become such an expert in working out solutions for people including a growing number of women, who were doing their own renovations. He said getting the business into shape had been a difficult experience, particularly in the first 12 months before they could afford sales help.

Leanne said she loved what she could do for customers even though it was a major learning curve for her.

“It’s wonderful to be able to help people with their hardware needs and we are grateful that our customers have recognised this. The Telstra award is just extra icing on the cake,” she said.