Handy hints for parents shopping on a budget

TO make shopping a little easier, we have  compiled some handy tips for parents when shopping on a budget.

  • Make a list from supermarket catalogue specials and base your weekly meals on the specials.
  • Shop ‘in season’ – items that are in season are usually on special or in the catalogue.
  • Form a group of friends or family and make a list to shop at the fruit market and buy in bulk to save money.
  • Buy meat in bulk when on special and make double quantity meals and freeze for a meal later.
  • Keep to simple drinks for children – milk and water are much healthier.
  • Eat before you shop – If you shop with children or on your own, eat first, you will be less tempted to buy on impulse because you are hungry. Pack a healthy snack and a drink for your child and take it with you.
  • Make a list with your child – Talk with them about what is needed and write a list together. They can hold the store catalogue and see if they can spot the items in store.
  • Offer children healthy treats – Instead of a sweet treats, let them choose between an apple or an orange or even choose a ‘new’ fruit or veg. to try.
  • Snack idea that children can make: Rice cakes spread with cream cheese, make a face from capsicum, celery, carrot, cucumber and sultanas – yum!!
  • Choose the confectionary-free check-out.  It helps avoid any last minute temper tantrums.

For more information talk to Cathryn Farrow at Good Beginnings 0458 732 950 or Amanda Hopwood at the Community Garden and Nursery’s Grow and Learn Program 0439 104 607.