Gym a proud purchase by MicroWise



THIS issue of Brighton Community News features the announcement that Council’s wholly-owned technology business, MicroWise Australia has purchased the Derwent Indoor Sports Centre building in Hurst Street, Bridgewater.

I am particularly proud of this purchase on a number of fronts.

Firstly, it is a sound investment by MicroWise and in the current interest rate climate, the property will generate a better return for the company than simply leaving money in the bank.

Secondly, it is encouraging to see the successful commercial arm of the Brighton Council, making a profit through the sale of the unique local government software we develop, investing back into our local community.

Thirdly, and perhaps more importantly for our community, the purchase of the property secures the future of the Hobart Gymnastics Academy and will enable this marvellous sporting organisation to continue its great work and go from strength to strength.

This very much represents what Brighton Council is about and why the commercial achievements and success of MicroWise is so important to our municipality.

MicroWise builds computer software programs specifically for local government and sells this, not only to councils in Tasmania, but also to local government bodies throughout Australia and overseas. This success has placed the business on a very solid financial footing and the company’s board determined that it was appropriate to invest in local property and the community. At the same time, the investment will diversify and strengthen the MicroWise balance sheet.

This decision was supported and endorsed by the Brighton Council as the owners of MicroWise.

At the same time, Council had been encouraged by the State Government to assist in securing the future of the Hobart Gymnastics Academy and providing a climate where it could gain increased grant funding for program activities as well as capital improvements.

Until MicroWise stepped in, the future of the Academy looked tenuous. It did not have a lease on its premises and its destiny was in the hands of the building’s private owners. There were no other suitable premises nearby, so any change could have seen it lost to the Brighton municipality. This would have been a tragedy for our community and particularly for the club’s 650 members and the 6000 school students who participate in programs throughout the year.

The vast majority of these people live in the Brighton municipality, so the building purchase is unquestionably an investment in the future of our community.

Not only does the Hobart Gymnastics Academy provide a healthy sporting outlet for our community, it is also producing state and national sporting champions.

I am sure the community will join me in welcoming the fact that through this investment by MicroWise, the Academy’s growth, success and contribution to Brighton will continue long into the future.