Guides celebrate centenary with challenges

WITH Girl Guides celebrating its centenary year, 2010 is a great time for girls of all ages to become involved! Girl Guides Tasmania offers opportunities for women of all ages, cultures, faiths and abilities to become involved in Guiding.

Support and development officer for Girl Guides Tasmania, Susan Northcott said that being a unit leader, assistant or helper provides opportunities to develop skills, take on new challenges, provide amazing experiences for girls and young women, make new friends and have fun.

Guides is all about fun and friendship.
Guides is all about fun and friendship.

“Brighton has two active, vibrant guide units that meet in Pontville Hall every Monday during the school terms and cater for girls aged from five to 14,” she said.

“At guides, girls are able to experience exciting challenges with friends, learn new skills and have lots of fun. Every week is a different experience.

“Guides get to try a wide range of activities appropriate to their age and interests.

“Activities range from cooking and craft to adventurous activities such as kayaking, abseiling and bushwalking. There are also many statewide events that cover a wide range of interests such as the environment, music, art and drama.

Ms Northcott said that guiding encourages team work, builds confidence and self-esteem and provides opportunities to take on new challenges in a supportive environment.

“You don’t need to have a guiding background to become involved. We offer fantastic training opportunities.”

If you are a woman aged 18 or over looking for an exciting new challenge, phone Guides Tasmania on 1300 447 548 or email and they will put you in touch with your local unit.