Fast Foodies success is in the little things


THE success of the Waterbridge Food Co-op isn’t measured by sales or how much food we Fast Foodies make.  It’s measured by how we are received, how people love our products and how they keep coming back.  It’s measured by how we are improving people’s health through healthy food, how Fast Foodie participants are learning speedy skills while making that food, and how the little things that our community is doing are helping in a big way.

We’ve had apples, tomatoes and onions donated so that we can add to our selection of yummy chutneys and relishes.  People are now coming from near and far to buy our products and produce, which is how we really gauge our success. They are coming from Huonville right through to the Midlands, and we especially welcome our neighbours right next door who pop in to buy.  We always buy as locally as possible so we in turn support our local growers.

Recently, we donated 50 bottles of our jams and relishes go into the Tasmanian Leaders Congress conference bags, in the hope that Tasmania’s future leaders understand the value, quality and need for local community food co-ops. We’ve sold jams to a local bed and breakfast operation, and welcome more opportunities for retail partners.  We have sold out of our frozen meals a few times over the past month, which is a fantastic result, thank you!   A lot of the meals are being bought by family members to ensure their elderly parents are eating more healthily. We also have had a community member buy frozen meals and then donate them back to give out through the Jordan River Service’s Emergency Relief program. What a fantastic gesture!

It has been great to see the Fast Foodies’ participants grow in their skills, confidence and their belief that they can make a difference in their community. It is also great to see the smiles, the laughter and the happiness of the participants, while they are cooking in the kitchen.   For me as the Fast Foodie tutor I am especially proud to have seen the little changes in people from a simple smile to weeks later coming up and talking to me. It’s the little things.

We have a fantastic community with so many people doing little things to contribute.  Sometimes we are so busy with our own lives we forget to look at the big picture, but when you take the little things we do and add them together, it is very rewarding to know that you contributed to that.

Many of us are successful.  As I said, it is not about money, it is about the difference we are making for ourselves and for each other. If you want to learn more about how Fast Foodies or Waterbridge works, we are happy to have a chat anytime, so please just call in.     We also have plenty of volunteering opportunities, in an hour or so a week we can give you new skills in exchange for your time.  If you’re interested, please contact Gwen – Waterbridge Project Manager through our Facebook page or by emailing

This week’s recipe was kindly sent in by Tasha Jamieson a local community member.


Chicken Caesar Salad

Half a lettuce chopped up to your liking

A full carrot grated or thinly sliced

Half a cup of grated cheese

Croutons to suit

Aioli (garlic flavoured) mayonnaise

Mix together, add cooked chicken breast fillet, thinly sliced and toss through salad.

Tasha makes this salad at most of her family events and barbecues. I know I’ll be giving it a try so thank you Tasha for your yummy recipe.

Tip:  You can use a hot barbecue chicken as well, the hot and cold contrast together in your mouth and tastes great!  Always remember with chicken to use different chopping boards and knives so you don’t cross contaminate foods. Clean your boards in hot soapy water before preparing your salad. Salads are super healthy, yummy and not just for summer!!