Families make time to lock in the love

FAMILIES in Brighton Municipality enjoyed showing off what they were doing together during National Families Week last month (May 15-21) which coincided with many families working and learning from home during the COVID-19 pandemic

National Families Week is held every year between May 15 and 21. More than 100,000 people get involved in hundreds of community events during the week. The week is Australia’s largest celebration of families in all their diversity.

The De La Torre family bonded with lots of adventure-based activities,
The De La Torre family bonded with lots of adventure-based activities,

Due to the current situation around COVID-19 and the importance of physical distancing to ongoing community wellbeing, the decision to celebrate National Families Week did not involve gatherings but rather a range of social media initiatives.

In Brighton, families were asked by a range of community groups that had been meeting regularly and using Brighton Community News (BCN) to find out what made their family strong?

The newspaper received a range of answers to that question, either through photographs or words of how residents in the community felt their families were strong, particularly as COVID-19 brought them together in lockdown and home learning and in the ways they were becoming more creative and innovative in their family fun.

There certainly was a general theme of working together as families, whether it be through cooking, walking, gardening, craftwork or just having fun painting silly faces on each other.

One young resident Judd Fehlberg of Honeywood had much joy walking his ‘furbrother’ Harley along the new Pontville Dog Track. He also enjoyed lots of walks and bike rides.

Naderh Habeb said her family loved doing lots of activities together particularly cooking and gardening and showing their creative side.

Jenna Rainey said her family began growing a garden patch that kept her family strong and connected.

Alycia Garth said six-year-old son, Bryce kept her strong. She said she and Bryce enjoyed doing lots of ‘fun’ things together during lockdown.

Renata Hughes said the strength of her family was in doing simple things together which was helping in keeping them strong.

Amber Carney said her family was conscious of the importance of being able to put a smile on each other’s faces and that had kept them strong.

Tim and Kell Turner said their family was spending precious time together listening and talking to each other. The Turners said: “We have made a vegetable garden together, we have gone on walks together, we have listened and talked our way through problems. We have helped with school work and also listened to each other with emotional and mental health issues. This time together has made us united and stronger. We are thankful for the community in the area. Our daughter also arranged a beautiful cinema movie night where she was the usher, she arranged everything even spent her own pocket money on popcorn, lollies and drinks. It was the most awesome experience.”

The De La Torre family agreed that doing things together had really bonded the whole family with activities from going on adventures, exploring nature, making projects together, learning crocheting and learning together, even the simple things of reading together.

The Ruller family said they just enjoy walking their dog particularly on the Pontville side of the Jordan walking track. They say these walks make her family strong.

A big thank you to yourtown for providing the fantastic gift vouchers for the prizes from which our community has benefited.


  • The Habeb family loved cooking and gardening and showing their creative side.


  • The De La Torre family bonded with lots of adventure-based activities