Engineers look at high school traffic solutions for municipality  

BRIGHTON Council engineers are working on traffic and parking solutions for the development of the promised Brighton High School on the current site of the Jordan River Learning Federation School Farm.

The site is ideal for the new high school, in the centre of the Brighton township, enabling students to walk or cycle, and the land is already owned by the Education Department, reducing the capital cost of the project.

Council engineers have already produced a first draft of possible traffic and parking arrangements that will enhance student safety and reduce congestion in the morning and afternoon peak periods.High School traffic solution 2019 The draft only presents options and is focused on traffic moving on Brighton Road and Downie Street, as well as Fredrick Drive. It provides for extensive bus pick-up and drop-off points as well as parking and pick-up and drop-off areas for cars. It also provides for shared parking for the adjacent Brighton Primary School.

Developing the new high school adjacent to the existing Brighton Primary School provides significant efficiencies and will maximise the number of students able to walk or cycle to school, creating a healthier community as well as providing cost and time savings to both local families and the school itself.

The size of the site and the frontage on Brighton Road, provides the opportunity to resolve current traffic and parking issues at Brighton Primary School, through the design of new roads or access ways, and internal car and bus access and parking, as indicated on the draft plan.

Importantly, the site is within a safe and slow traffic environment, infrastructure and services are established and it is superior for ensuring the necessary high levels of passive surveillance, safety and security for the school and its students.

Brighton Council says the draft plan is indicative for managing traffic movements and has been produced to help discussion and further planning.

While the draft may not represent the final solution, it demonstrates that the location can work well. Engineers will continue to examine options and are confident they can come up with the best solution that provides for safe and efficient traffic movement to and around the site.