Easter Derwent Primary School launches into learning

LAUNCHING into Learning (LiL) at East Derwent Primary School in Bridgewater recently held a fantastic open day attended by more than 60 children aged zero to four years.

Caitlyn Stringer and Gabrielle Duggan have fun with gluing and putting their collages together.

LiL provides resources to schools to develop and lead initiatives with families and their community to support children’s early learning prior to kindergarten.  Schools focus on the needs of their community and make connections with other groups, services and agencies in the area. LiL is offered in all Department of Education Schools and is a fantastic way to introduce children to learning.

They enjoyed the lovely weather and a healthy lunch of fruit and sandwiches.  It was fantastic to meet lots of new families and fabulous to see so many families planning on bringing their children to LiL to give them a great start to their education.  LiL is offered in all Department of Education Schools ‑ at East Derwent Primary School Play and Learn sessions run on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9-11am.  The baby group is on Fridays from 1.30-2.30pm.  New families are always welcome.  For more information call the school office on 6263 7303.