Doctors team up to provide specialist skills

It has been a hectic 16 months for Brighton Regional Doctors since opening its doors with a few more GPs joining the team as well as the practice widening its specialist skills in the Brighton municipality.


IT has been a hectic 16 months for Brighton Regional Doctors since opening our doors, so we thought it might be an opportunity to update you. A few more GPs have joined the team in recent months and we are widening the specialist skills available in the area. 

Dr Katelyn Brooks and Dr Tara Kurrajong both have significant experience in Family Planning. We are able to offer allthe same services as Family Planning Tasmania in Glenorchy with significantly shorter waiting times in particular for Mirena and Copper IUD insertions. We accept patients who have a regular GP elsewhere for contraceptive services and may be able to assist in cases of significant financial hardship.  

The team at Brighton Regional Doctors. 

Dr Robbie Luelf has joined the team as a GP registrar for the foreseeable future. This means he is a qualified doctor who is gaining further training in General Practice and working towards gaining Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners which is the specialist qualification in general practice. He has specialist interest in sexual health and LGBT+ health and we anticipate he will be a S100 prescriber shortly. 

We are also delighted to announce a familiar face joining the team. Dr Anand Pemmulu has been practising medicine for 30 years and has 26 years’ experience as a GP. He migrated to Tasmania with his wife Gomathy in 2012 and has worked in the Brighton area ever since.

He has a special interest in dermatology and skin cancer medicine and holds a Masters in Practical Dermatology with distinction – MSc (Derm). In addition to providing a skin medicine service, he also enjoys providing chronic disease care and the full range of General Practice. 

Dr Lumsden and Dr Burbury are looking forward to working together with Dr Pemmulu again. Unfortunately, he isn’t in our latest team photo, missing out by a couple of weeks but will certainly be in the next one. 

If you are keen to transfer your care from another clinic, ideally please come in, and register in advance of your first appointment, so we can request a summary of your previous records. Drs Brooks, Kurrajong, Luelf and Pemmulu are all currently accepting new patients. 

As ever Hobart Pathology will continue to provide your pathology needs and are open 7.30am-4pm (lunch 1-1.30pm). There will be further developments in coming months. We will keep you posted. 

* Dr Mary Lumsden is with Brighton Regional Doctors