Developments a source of pride for the community

Tony Foster, Mayor of Brighton

THE decision by the Tasmanian Government to release a management plan for the important Aboriginal heritage areas near the new Brighton Bypass is fantastic news for our municipality (see story on the Home Page).

The Bypass construction was halted earlier this year when significant and historical remains were located near the route of the Bypass.  Since that time consultation has taken place with all parties to determine an outcome that would see the completion of the Bypass while at the same time, ensure that this area of cultural and historical significance remains undisturbed.We are very pleased that the State Government has developed an important management plan that will see a 70-metre bridge span the levee without impacting on the remains.

As I have said on many occasions in this paper and elsewhere, we are proud of the Aboriginal heritage of our area and are determined to ensure that areas of cultural significance are retained.  So the news that a management plan has been developed to ensure this occurs is vital for our community as well as for our continuing growth.

Importantly it also now a way forward to ensure the Bypass proceeds.

The construction of the Bypass along with other major development works that are occurring in our municipality is exciting to watch particularly as it is cementing our future as a thriving and forward-thinking municipality.

There is significant interest in what is happening in Brighton from the broader Tasmanian community and indeed interstate as we are seen as leaders in providing the right infrastructure that is encouraging growth in the form of business and social opportunities for our community.

We have so much on the go at the moment, with the work being done in a range of areas, none the least, the Learning Federation where we are leading the State in a revolutionary education model and that is currently being implemented.  In terms of business investment and employment  opportunities there are new ventures in the pipeline through the Bypass and its impact on the Brighton Transport Hub and the Brighton Industrial Estate.  In the areas of developing community space, we are also well down the track with the implementation of our new streetscapes which will be  a source of pride once the Bypass is complete. Added to this are other developments for the community, particularly the bike and walking tracks connecting Old Beach, Bridgewater and Brighton as well as the recently launched housing and lifestyle developments that will help grow our community by attracting people to Brighton.

Again I reiterate that people I talk to within our community and outside, cannot believe the amount of development that is going on. It is something that we in southern Tasmania have not seen for a long time!

So based on all of this, we can indeed continue to be proud of what is happening and how we are increasingly the envy of many other municipalities.