Culinary arts program focuses on health and wellbeing

STUDENTS from schools in the lordan River Learning Federation and Risdon Vale Primary swapped pizza­making tips with some of best, as the first of a series of 24 Carrot Gardens Culinary Arts workshops launches  at the  Bridgewater  Community  Centre.

The launch comes as the 24 Carrot Gardens Project design and construction phase is nearing completion, with the 12 participating schools planting and tending vegetable patches in their newly­ built garden beds.

The launch featured a curated pizza-making workshop  delivered by Slow  Food Hobart, with Jo Cook and MONA executive chef Philippe Leban giving expert advice on how to prepare the  perfect pizza, as well as some tips on how to find ripe vegetables in amongst the abundant Bridgewater Community   Centre  garden.

Students were also treated to a special visit from North Melbourne Football Club players Andrew Swallow,  Mason Wood and Will  Fordham as  part of  North Melbourne  Football Club’s community engagement  program.  The students  rubbed shoulders with the football  players and as they chopped zucchinis  and other vegetables from the garden, spoke about  healthy eating and ate their finished product – veggie pizzas. Members from the Bridgewater community,  and  Community  Blitz  volunteers were also on hand.

Students from Jordan River Learning Federation schools Gagebrook Primary, Herdsmans Cove, East Derwent Primary and Risdon Vale Primary school were in attendance .

This is the first of a series of culinary arts workshops to be delivered in partnership with Slow Food Hobart across all 12 school communities involved in the 24 Carrot Gardens Project

Sarah Proud, MONA 24 Carrot Gardens Project said:

“The 24 Carrot Gardens Project is fundamentally about building connections. Supporting our school communities to connect with local government, local businesses and local community groups ensures the ongoing sustainability of these school kitchen gardens across Southern Tasmania. The launch of the 24 Carrot Gardens Culinary Arts program will be the first of many events where we will provide a space for students to engage in growing, sharing and preparing healthy and nutritious food.”

Andrew Swallow, Captain North Melbourne Football Club said:

“We are really excited to be working with the kids in Hobart and being part of this program together with MONA. We’ve been really impressed with the cooking talents on display and we certainly know how important is healthy eating.”

Jo Cook, Slow Food Hobart said:

“Slow Food Hobart is part of a global, grassroots organisation linking the pleasure of good food with a commitment to local food communities, education and the environment. Slow Food Hobart is proud to be working together with the 24 Carrot Gardens Project and towards access to good, clean and fair food for everyone.”

About the project

The 24 Carrot Gardens Project is MONA ‘s ongoing engagement with local communities and schools. 24 Carrot Gardens is a cultural and educational platform, designed to educate whole-school communities on health, wellbeing and the importance of lifelong learning.

Founded by MONA’s Kirsha Kaechele and Ange Miezitis of Moonah Primary School in June 2013, the project has grown to include twelve participating schools, two project managers in the eastern and southern parts of Tasmania and learning pathway curators. At its core, 24 Carrot Gardens seeks to provide greater access to food and affordability through activities in participating schools, as well as promoting fun, healthy eating and good nutrition through gardening and cooking classes.

To deliver and drive the project’s core objectives, four learning pathways have been established —creative arts, culinary arts and science and sustainability.

Each pathway will be partnered to a curator who will take ownership of its delivery through a series of interconnected workshops and master classes planned for roll-out over 2015. Slow Food Hobart has partnered with 24 Carrot Gardens to curate the Culinary Arts pathway.

Cutting up delicious, home-produced and cooked pizza. MONA/Rémi Chauvin Images Courtesy of the artist and MONA Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia