COVID-19 puts no brake on Brighton development activity

 WHILE the COVID-19 emergency may have slowed economic activity in Australia and globally, it has not impacted on growth and development in Brighton Municipality.

In fact, the reverse is the case with a record number of development applications, mainly for new dwellings, approved by Brighton Council in the three months up to May 2020, with a total value of more than $18 million.

Taylor Crescent development
Taylor Crescent Neighbourhood development

A total of 184 development applications and 14 subdivision applications have been received this year with some 80 applications still awaiting approval. The positive trend is continuing with Brighton receiving a further 37 development applications as well as a subdivision application in the first three weeks of June.

Among the approved developments is a major infill project for Taylor Crescent, Bridgewater, comprising three new connector roads, a neighbourhood park, 41 lots, 37 single dwellings and 16 multiple dwellings.

Rather than developers and home builders delaying projects, they are increasing activity, with the volume of applications received by Brighton Council putting it three months ahead of the same time last year.

Cr Leigh Gray who is chair of Brighton Council’s planning authority, said the increase in development applications provided further confirmation of Brighton’s position as the fastest-growing municipality in Tasmania.

“Families want to come and live here and developers want to undertake projects to cater for this demand,” Cr Gray said.

“The $18 million total investment in just three months is significant and rather than being slowed by the COVID-19 emergency, this activity will certainly aid Tasmania’s economic recovery.

“On average, the time from lodging a development application to gaining council sign-off is around 30 days, so our planners are working extremely hard to assess and process approvals to enable an early start on construction.”

A recent study by the University of Tasmania has predicted that Brighton will continue as Tasmania’s fastest-growing local government area, with the population reaching 23,000 within the next two decades.

“Undoubtedly, Brighton is on the cusp of a period of significant economic developments, with the growth of the past decade, current development activity, along with planned major infrastructure projects and the opening up of new economic opportunities, providing for an exciting future.

“COVID-19 has certainly had an impact on the economy and our community, but it seems it has not slowed development activity in Brighton,” Cr Gray said.