Council renews partnership pact with government

TREASURER, Michael Aird, and Mayor of Brighton Council Tony Foster recently signed the protocol arrangements for the second partnership agreement between the State Government and the Brighton Council.

Treasurer Michael Aird and Mayor Tony Foster sign the protocol arrangements for the second partnership agreement.
Treasurer Michael Aird and Mayor Tony Foster sign the protocol arrangements for the second partnership agreement.

Mr Aird said it was a great opportunity to build upon the success of the first partnership agreement, which concluded in September 2007.
“There are many plans for progress in the Brighton municipality over the next few years, and it is important the state and local governments to work together to make the most of every opportunity and provide the best outcome for the community,” Mr Aird said.
The protocol arrangements list the issues to be considered during negotiation of the second agreement.
These issues include:  a master plan for the Brighton central area; the Brighton industrial estate/transport hub; the implementation of the ‘Safe at Home’, community respect order and crime prevention programs; support of the implementation of the Bridgewater and Southern Midlands educational renewal project.
Mr Aird said it is expected that negotiation of the new agreement will be completed by June this year.
“The success of the first partnership agreement has shown how much can be achieved when state and local governments work together,” Mr Aird said.
“I look forward to working with Cr Foster and the Brighton Council on the next phase of our partnership.”
Under the previous partnership, many important community initiatives were pursued, including:  the Brighton Better Services Project, which resulted in the publication of a community services guide which listed 170 organisations in the area; the establishment of an inter-agency support panel which supports ‘at risk’ children in the area by working with schools and providing advice on programs to assist; a program to support young learner drivers gaining their 50-hours driving experience required to gain their licence; Move Well Eat Well program for schools, which included picking up and delivering fruit and vegetables for schools, health and wellbeing initiatives; a series of performing arts exhibitions and events initiated by Arts Tasmania.