Council buys property next to oval – boost for Old Beach

COMMUNITY amenities at Old Beach will be enhanced following Brighton Council’s purchase of a large property in Jetty Road adjacent to the Lennox Park Oval.

The property, previously owned by the Catholic Church and used as a hostel, comprises a 4165 square metre block with four buildings – a large house / office building, two cottages and a shed, as well as a large carpark.

Acting General Manager Greg Davoren said the property was an exciting acquisition and is a direct outcome of Brighton Council’s approach over the past few years of selling surplus land with the intent of purchasing strategically located land that enhances the wellbeing of the community.

Mr Davoren said Council had previously identified a need for further amenities in the Old Beach area and the Jetty Road property purchase would enable the development of some innovative options.

“The property is ideally situated and could meet a number of needs of the Old Beach community,” he said.

“While its future use still needs to be considered, its proximity to the oval makes it an ideal location for the Old Beach Cricket Club and other community and sporting activities.

“It will give Old Beach central hub or true heart with a specific focus on recreation, community activities and a meeting place.”

Mr Davoren said with local residents, Brighton Council had long recognised that as Old Beach had developed there had been a lack of community services such as local shops or a small community hub.

This was in part a consequence of having no areas zoned for business, but also with few vacant areas where this could occur.

“Old Beach now has a population in excess of 3000 and this property provides the opportunity to develop a small community hub to help meet the needs of these people and those nearby.

“It aligns with Brighton Council’s strategic plan designed to develop our municipality as a great place to live, work and enjoy.

“The purchase of the property provides a great opportunity for our community and avoids a less than ideal outcome of it becoming a high-density development.

“Council will now develop a comprehensive plan for the future use of the property which it will share with the local community,” Mr Davoren said.