Community kept informed as detention centre progresses

CONSTRUCTION work on the Pontville Immigration Detention Centre began at the end of June and is progressing well.

Several local businesses have won tenders to supply goods and services for the site, including Park Homes which is providing transportable buildings to be used for accommodation, administration and recreation at the centre.It is still anticipated it will take about six to nine weeks for the first stage of the centre to be complete, with occupation of the site by the first group of clients to begin shortly afterwards. It is still expected that the centre will accommodate up to 400 single adult men.

Now that construction has started, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) is moving towards establishing a community consultative group to provide a forum for liaison between the department, local and state government and members of the community to identify and address any community concerns. Membership of the group has still to be determined.

The department has had a number of meetings with local residents and is committed to ongoing engagement with the community, particularly with those who live near the facility. Meetings have been positive, with information provided on a range of issues including the construction process and timeframe, services for people in immigration detention, security, and bushfire risk mitigation. Some rumours and misinformation about the detention environment and client processing have also been corrected.

DIAC understands the concerns of near neighbours given their proximity to the site and would like to assure them their security, safety and well-being, and that of their local community, remains a priority. The department has stated its commitment to ongoing meetings with neighbours, either individually or in small group consultations, to ensure they remain informed and any questions they may have can be answered.

Stakeholder briefings with other agencies including Tasmania Police and Tasmania Fire Service are occurring and will continue on a regular basis.

The department has developed information in response to questions about the establishment and operation of the PVIDC. This information, called Pontville Immigration Detention Centre – Frequently Asked Questions, can be found at the department’s website. The website address is:

Anyone with inquiries or offers relating to the establishment of the PVIDC can contact the department through a special email:

This  information  is supplied by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship