Community garden’s special bond

Rebecca Taylor and brother David Hall are creating a wonderful memory in honour of their mum in Brighton Municipality’s Bond Place Community Garden. They have donated a number of fruit trees in Margaret Hall’s name because she lived at 7 Bond Place prior to her death 14 years ago.

REBECCA Taylor and brother David Hall are creating a wonderful memory in honour of their mum in Brighton Municipality’s Bond Place Community Garden.

Brother and sister David and Rebecca have donated some magnificent fruit trees to be planted in the garden in honour of their mum Margaret Hall, and the time she lived in the very same area in the early 2000s.

Rebecca, who lives in Geelong and David who is in Burnie, heard about Bond Place community garden from a friend who still lives in the municipality and realised that the garden is close by to where their mum lived before she passed away 14 years ago. Both kept up to date and in touch with Bond Place through Facebook and this inspired them to make the donation.  

The fruit trees donated by Rebecca Taylor and David Hall in honour of their mother, Margaret Hall who lived at 7 Bond Place.

“Mum lived at 7 Bond Place where she moved to from Victoria in 1998 after following David who came to Tasmania to study. Rebecca was already living in Tasmania.,” Rebecca and David said.

“Mum was very young and in her 50s when she died because of renal failure but her time in Bond Place was something she really treasured.  

“She always had the most amazingly mind-blowing gardens and particularly loved her fruit trees. As her illness progressed she loved sitting at the window in her rocking chair in those last eight years of her life, looking out on her garden and enjoying its beauty,” they said.

“So often in those last few years, she looked across the park and talked to me about different ideas she had around arts and gardens. She had a beautiful Birch tree outside the front, bulbs, and fruit trees out the back. Naturally, we packed up a lot of her garden when she passed away and relocated it elsewhere amongst friends nearby.

“But when we found out about Bond Place we both agreed that we would make a donation of fruit trees in her memory. We just don’t want mum’s presence to disappear and we believe this is a wonderful way to make sure her legacy lives on.

“Bond Place really is a little bit of magic and we love what the area has now become. Mum was incredibly generous and very community-minded. She would have absolutely adored this had she been alive to see it today.

“We also love the fact that Bond Place is doing such fantastic things for the community. From what we have seen it is a wonderful space for education, learning and sharing for children and adults alike. Again our mum would have loved this because it very much relates to the person she was.

“We really didn’t want mum’s place to disappear and we can’t believe it’s now manifested itself into this beautiful, tranquil place that can be enjoyed by the entire Brighton community.”

David and his fiancée, Amanda and their family came to Bond Place to be part of the official tree planting event as Brighton Community News went to press. Unfortunately because of COVID-19 restrictions between the states, Rebecca couldn’t be present. 

The newspaper will publish photos of the tree planting in the October edition.