Community blitzes primary school in a good way


COMMUNITY Blitz recently held a ‘Big Blitz’ at the Herdsmans Cove Primary school to assist the MONA 24 Carrot Garden project develop in-ground garden beds as part of its kitchen garden scheme.

The work on the day of the Big Blitz at Herdsmans Cove Primary involved chipping off lawn where the garden beds were to be located, turning over the soil and hoeing in a manure mix. A great day’s effort by all who were involved.

Community Blitz has partnered with the MONA 24 Carrot Garden project to assist in focusing on the pleasurable eating and good nutrition value from growing, harvesting and preparing kitchen garden produce.  Community Blitz is a community organisation established in 2012 from a suggestion by a group of residents.  The project uses volunteers to beautify public spaces and provide much needed and affordable gardening assistance to residents.  Most Community Blitz activity to date has focussed on Vinnies Growth Centre, the two community centres and tagari lia.  Tas Medicare Local recently funded Community Blitz under the Social Determinants of Health program to continue its great work.

The focus of the ‘Big Blitz’ was to convert the lawn between the carpark and the school buildings into a garden.  The garden was designed by architects Peter Walker and Elizabeth Walsh of Cumulous Studio to include paths, garden beds and a space for an outdoor classroom with all these areas marked out.  The work on the day involved chipping off the lawn where the garden beds were to be located, turning over the soil (thankfully we were able to borrow the school’s rotary hoe) and hoeing in a manure mix.  A good fall of rain on the Monday helped soften the soil to make digging far easier.  On the ‘Big Blitz’ day we had volunteer participants from Workskills and MAX Employment, school parents, 24 Carrot Gardens, the school, students and the Community Blitz governance group.  In all we had approximately 16 people who volunteered to work on the day and most worked for about six hours of physically demanding activity.  Herdsman’s Cove Primary School fed the participants at morning tea – great scones and cakes and for lunch provided sausages and rissoles with yummy salads (lettuce picked that morning from the school garden).

At the end of the ‘Big Blitz’, four huge garden beds were ready for planting and sowing which Tim Morris and his crew are looking forward to.  Principal Carolyn Brown thanked the participants for all their efforts during the day and even though most were quite tired, everyone had a great time achieving a garden in a day.  Community Blitz intends to conduct four ‘Big Blitzes’ a year and is always looking for project ideas from the community.

It is considering a big clean up a big foreshore cleanup on March 4. Register with Community Blitz if you’re interested.

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