Chloe’s fitness focus becomes reality

LOCAL woman, Chloe Eiszele decided to get into the fitness industry because it has been a long-held passion.

Growing up, she had always played netball and basketball, and been encouraged to eat healthy foods and live a healthy lifestyle.

Chloe Eiszele decided to get into the fitness industry because of a long-held passion.

So it was a natural progression for her to get into the industry first obtaining her certificate three and four in fitness. She is a Metafit, Punchfit, aqua and suspension instructor, and is currently studying  for her bachelor of exercise and sport science on-line with Central Queensland University.

Chloe has aimed high and her goals have now been realised opening up her fitness business, Metaforce Fitness in the past eight months.

“My ambition is to grow my business, pass my knowledge onto clients and eventually perhaps even become a nutritionist.

“I feel very excited about running my own business. Going to work doing something I love and seeing lots of people achieving results is so uplifting,” Chloe said.

“My short-term goal a couple of years ago was to complete my fitness certificates and then move into taking classes and personal training while continuing my university study.

“I am so happy with my progress in realising these goals. I’m sure I will face many hurdles and risks along the way, but it is all a learning experience.

Chloe’s fitness classes consist of young and old groups, from teenagers to 60-year-olds, with each exercise having a high and a low impact version to cater for all levels of fitness.

“I believe that taking care of your body by keeping fit and healthy is a really important aspect in everyone’s life.  Fitness has so many benefits not only physically but also mentally. I want to help people take the first step to a more active lifestyle or help them continue creating a healthier life and to reach their goals.

“Keeping fit is so important for all ages as it strengthens your bones and muscles, helps control weight, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, improves your mental health and mood and many more benefits. Overall being physically active improves your quality of life,” Chloe said.

Chloe’s classes are at the Old Beach Community Hall on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6.15pm, the Brighton Memorial Hall on Wednesdays at 6.30pm and Claremont Memorial Hall on Mondays at 6.15pm.

For more information contact Chloe on Chloe Eiszele 0438 036 257 check her Facebook page

(Metaforce Fitness) or email

• Chloe Eiszele believes taking care of your body by keeping fit and healthy is an important aspect in everyone’s life.