Optimism for Brighton’s 30-year forward vision

Brighton Municipality’s 2050 Vision will provide a strategy outline that will direct its progress over the next 30 years – Mayor, Tony Foster.



A VERY happy New Year to everyone in our community. I certainly hope you were able to relax over the festive season and that 2021 will be a less challenging year for all of us.

The new year is now more than one month old and Council has already held its first meeting where we adopted our 2050 Vision – a strategy outline that will direct our progress over the next 30 years.

During this time, it’s estimated Brighton Municipality’s population will grow from its current 16,500 to 30,000 and more. So, we must have a shared view of the direction we want to take moving forward.

Last year, Brighton Council set out to engage with the community to create a bold and optimistic plan for the future of our municipality covering the next 30 years. The result is the 2050 Vision that lays out our shared hopes and goals as a community for the coming decades. It also acknowledges and responds to our current social, environmental and economic challenges. 

Importantly, it has a clear focus on the things that Brighton Council can shape and influence and focuses on the responsibilities Council has to ensure the Vision is delivered – as a provider of services, a regulator, a facilitator and advocate for the Municipality and its community. 

The 2050 Vision is a statement of our collective aspirations for the future. By imagining together how Brighton could be in 2050, we are creating a way to make it happen. 

The Vision was developed through broad community engagement and a consultation process across several months with hundreds of residents, businesses, visitors and other stakeholders. 

Brighton’s entire Council group with Mayor Tony Foster and Deputy Mayor Barbara Curran, holding the 2050 Vision launched at last month’s meeting.
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Foundations hold firm in a year of great challenge

BRIGHTON Municipality Mayor Tony Foster says it is time to reflect on what has been a challenging and unique year for the Council and the community.


Mayor of Brighton

IT is worth reflecting on what has been a challenging and unique year for our Council, community, state, country and indeed the world.

There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic heralded massive changes in our lives and impacted everything – our home life, work, recreation and community activities.

From being relatively free to do almost anything we wanted to or were able to do, we were restricted to staying at home, working at home or remotely, children studying at home and not even being able to play with friends, services curtailed, sports and entertainment cancelled. Indeed, our whole way of life experienced unprecedented changes.

Brighton Municipality’s Bridgewater Bridge which along with the new Brighton High School, has its funding secured by the State and Federal Governments.

Fortunately for Tasmania, the pandemic was quickly brought under control and restrictions were slowly relaxed. At the time of writing, the situation here is almost back to some sort of normality and we are even welcoming visitors from most Australian states.

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Lowest rates remain our continuing commitment

Brighton Council has an ongoing commitment to offer the lowest rates as well as the full range of services and facilities for our community.

By TONY FOSTER, Brighton Mayor

BRIGHTON Council has an ongoing commitment to offer the lowest rates as well as the full range of services and facilities for our community.

Ratepayers will be aware that in response to the impact of the COVID-19 emergency, Council was determined there would be no increase in the general rate for all ratepayers in the municipality this financial year. At the same time, we approved record capital works spending of $12.5 million.

In this way, Council is doing all that it can to stimulate the local economy, generate opportunities for the local workforce while providing enhanced services for our community and playing a positive role supporting economic recovery.

Over the past 25 years, our Fair Rating Policy has ensured the Brighton Municipality has enjoyed the lowest per capita rates in Tasmania and benefited from the most efficient local government operations in the State. At the same time, we are one of Tasmania’s fastest-growing municipalities and this development has imposed additional costs as we have had to provide the services and facilities necessary to support more people, homes and a growing number of businesses.

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Unique project to boost jobs and business across region

A new employment and business support initiative is being taken by the South Central Sub-region group of councils and will bring with it the promise of significant benefits for Brighton Municipality and surrounding municipalities.


Mayor of Brighton

THIS issue of Brighton Community News reports on a new employment and business support initiative being taken by our South Central Sub-region group of councils that brings with it the promise of significant benefits for Brighton and surrounding municipalities.

The four councils comprising the sub-region group are Brighton, Central Highlands, Derwent Valley and Southern Midlands and we’ve been working cooperatively and successfully on a range of projects over the past 15 years.

But this is one of the most ambitious projects we’ve undertaken and one that is crucially important for Brighton and our three partner councils. The key objectives are to identify employment needs and opportunities in the sub-region, the skills shortages and training requirements of business and industry, and to successfully connect the local workforce to local jobs.

We want to see more local businesses employing local people and to this end, we’ve announced the appointment of experienced specialist Anthony McConnon as the workforce development coordinator to oversee the project. Anthony has already begun work and his initial three-year appointment has been made possible through a grant from the Tasmanian Community Fund, with additional financial and logistical support from the four councils.

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How our actions now will pay off down the track

Recently installed energy efficient LED street lighting will see a net reduction in Brighton Municipality’s carbon footprint of 36 tonnes of CO2 annually, equating to a 720-tonne saving over the 20-year life span of the fittings.


Brighton Mayor

THE Brighton Municipality is recognised as one of the most progressive in Tasmania and Council is proud if its many initiatives that not only protect our environment and surroundings, but also save valuable resources and indeed money that can be directed to other services.

As one of the State’s fastest-growing municipalities, Brighton has recognised the need to ensure there is community ownership of how it can be more sustainable and self-sufficient. Council is already doing this by increasing education programs on waste minimisation such as composting home waste, lessening single-use plastic in the home, and encouraging residents to start worm farms. We all know that waste management is a major cost for the community and Brighton, like all councils, is working hard to develop the most efficient systems and practices.

There is much we can do around the home and in coming months we will promote a range of practical ideas to help the community manage its waste footprint. With waste costs increasing and the possibility of levies being introduced, actions we take now to minimise waste and maximise resource recovery will save ratepayers money in the long term.

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Major developments significant lift for Brighton


THE Brighton Municipality received a positive boost in July with further confirmation of three highly-anticipated, much-needed and welcomed major developments – the replacement Bridgewater Bridge, the new Brighton High School and the upgrading of the Jordan River Learning Centre School Farm.

Each of these projects is strongly supported by Brighton Council and individually and collectively they will provide a significant lift to our local economy and social fabric.

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Better times as Brighton moves forward



WITH coronavirus restrictions now being eased, some normality is returning and I am confident that we can at last look to better times ahead.

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Record capital program a positive response to COVID-19


Mayor of Brighton

BRIGHTON Council will not increase general rates for the next financial year and will implement a record capital works program as the Municipality responds to the impact of the coronavirus shutdown.

Undoubtedly, the shutdown, with many businesses closed, people working reduced hours, others working from home, and sadly some losing their jobs, Council sees this as a positive, but the responsible response to the current economic environment. Continue reading “Record capital program a positive response to COVID-19”

A healthy community is everyone’s responsibility


Brighton Mayor

WE are certainly in changing times. Social distancing, working from home or remote locations, only venturing out for essential reasons, closures of hotels, restaurants and public venues and a range of other sacrifices have become the new normal as the world attempts to overcome the unprecedented coronavirus emergency.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the Brighton Municipality who is acting responsibly and heeding the messages and advice that we are being given by our State and Federal Governments and the State and National health authorities. Continue reading “A healthy community is everyone’s responsibility”

COVID-19 brings unprecedented times



Brighton Mayor 

WE are experiencing unprecedented times amid a national emergency that is creating challenges that we’ve never previously had to deal with, perhaps the exception is the two World Wars and the Great Depression.

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