Brighton’s the best in the state

BRIGHTON Council has cemented its position as the most efficient local council in the State.

Mayor Tony Foster said the latest report from the Auditor-General identified Brighton Council as having the lowest staff ratio as a percentage of population in the state, the lowest rates per capita, yet the highest average six-year operating surplus ratio and the highest asset renewal funding ratio in Tasmania.

Cr Foster said these were impressive statistics with the highest profit from the lowest rates, a notable achievement.

He said Brighton Council also clearly leads the State in its commercial activities with revenue in the past financial year of approximately $1.4 million, amounting to almost 10 per cent of its entire total income.

“As well, we are debt free – we are one of only a handful of councils in Tasmania consistently operating in the black and this year we budgeted for a surplus of $1.3 million after providing $5 million for capital works.

“Our Fair Rating System is the envy of local governments throughout Australia and we continue to have the lowest rate increase of any council in Tasmania.

“Brighton Council sets the benchmark for the 28 other councils across our state. This year household rates in the municipality rose by just 40 cents a week and it’s the 18th successive year that rate increases have been kept at or below the increase in the Consumer Price Index.

“Brighton Council is able to achieve this because we have a very efficient administration, boasting the lowest cost ratio of all councils in Tasmania.

“We are able to boost the municipality’s income by selling financial services and local government expertise to other councils in Tasmania. Additional income is derived from our Microwise venture, which sells information technology software packages to local governments in Australia and in the Pacific.”

Cr Foster said Brighton ratepayers and the community are the beneficiaries of Brighton Council’s zealous management of the municipal rates it derives from its Fair Rating System and from its innovative approach to doing business with other local governments.

“We operate solely for the benefit of all our ratepayers – whether they be residential, industrial or those who live and work on the land.

“Brighton remains on track to keep delivering the best outcomes for our 17,000 residents – in local government services, housing and health, as well as in education and employment opportunities,” Cr Foster said.