Brighton works with Government to benefit region



THE election has been run and won and Tasmanians have elected a new Government to administer the affairs of our State for the next four years.

Brighton Council’s priority has always been to best serve our community and we have always enjoyed a strong relationship with the State Government, whatever its political colour. So we look forward to working with incoming Premier Will Hodgman and his Ministers in our effort to enhance facilities and services for our community.

Brighton is currently at the forefront of a number of key economic developments including the Transport Hub now well underway, our affordable housing project being undertaken by the Brighton Industrial and Housing Corporation (BIHC) that is poised to benefit hundreds of families, and the Brighton Industrial Estate designed to bring new industry and employment opportunities to our region.

Premier Hodgman has listed job creation as his key priority and Brighton Council strongly supports this endeavour. The initiatives I have listed – the Transport Hub, the BIHC’s affordable housing project and the Brighton Industrial Estate – fit very comfortably with the new Government’s policy priority. So I look forward to early discussions with the Premier and his relevant Ministers, and working with the new State Government in progressing these and other initiatives in Brighton.

With the election outcome determined and the new Government elected, I want to sincerely thank former Premier Lara Giddings and her colleagues for the assistance and support they have provided to Brighton over recent years. Ms Giddings has strong connections with our community and with her former Ministers, particularly David O’Byrne and Rebecca White, has always been prepared to discuss our concerns and plans and assist where possible. We look forward to that support continuing in the future, albeit that the Labor Party is in opposition.

Brighton has also received regular good support from Lyons Liberal MPs Rene Hidding and Mark Shelton and these effective relationships should also benefit our community now that they, with the newly elected Liberal Member Guy Barnett, are sitting on the Government benches.

We are entering a new era in Tasmanian politics, but the same challenges remain. Tasmania needs economic development, jobs and growth, particularly in regional areas of the State. Along with providing services, facilities and opportunities for our community, Brighton Council has been working to this end for many years and our approach will continue with the new Government in Hobart.

I intend making early contact with Premier Hodgman to discuss the Brighton community’s needs, as well as outline the role we can play and how we can assist in progressing our State’s economic and community growth and development.

I look forward to advising Brighton Community News readers on developments as we move forward.