$6 million grants bonanza for Brighton municipality

BRIGHTON municipality residents will benefit from more than $6 million worth of major project investments for the community as a result of recent significant successes in Federal Government grant applications.

The Commonwealth funds are being matched by Council.

Council has received in excess of $2.4 million worth of Federal Government grants in the past 18 months. These applications are being matched by Council funds which means in excess of $6 million worth of projects will be spread throughout the community over the next 12 months.

Brighton Mayor Tony Foster said the volume of public works projects occurring in the municipality was unprecedented.

“This is a very significant and positive outcome for our community,” Cr Foster said.

The successful grants do not take into account Council-only projects such as Old Beach park and State Government grant-supported projects including the Old Beach Jetty, pathways and shelters upgrades and similar projects.

“If we include those Council-only projects, residents throughout the municipality will benefit from an unprecedented works program. We are naturally delighted that following on from a lot of hard work by staff, councillors and our partners, we are able to undertake these projects and to provide new and improved amenities for our community.”

Cr Foster said it was important to note that over the past 12 months, Council’s engineering, works and planning departments had worked closely to identify a number of projects suitable for various grant programs.

“Our staff have also been significantly upskilled to be able to prepare grant applications and this upskilling has had an enormous positive impact on the success of our applications.  To have success in eight major grant applications is extremely gratifying.

“All of the projects will make a major difference to our community and I congratulate council staff, councillors and our partners who have worked so hard to ensure the grants success and projects will now be a reality.”

The eight successful grant projects are:

Brighton Streetscape

Council was successful in a Building Stronger Regions Fund (BBRF) grant to complete the Brighton Streetscape upgrade. The Federal Government has committed $800,000. The owners of the approved supermarket development have also provided $80,000. Council has contributed $858,000, but has contributed far more during earlier stages of the upgrade.

Bridgewater Parkland

PlayStreet and Council developed a detailed master plan for the foreshore area of Bridgewater in consultation with the local community. Under the BBRF grant process Council has been successful in a $430,000 grant from the Federal Government to implement Stage 1 of the Plan. Stage one includes a detailed park, landscaping, public toilets and a barbecue shelter below the LINC. Centacare Evolve Housing has also committed $150,000 to this project. Council is contributing $300,000 plus approximately $70,000 in in-kind contribution.

Pathways and Shelters

Under the State Government Community Infrastructure Grant round Council has been successful in a $262,000 grant from the State Government to upgrade the pathways linking Gagebrook, Herdsmans Cove and Bridgewater. The upgrades include three strategically located shelters, wide concrete paths and the achievement of  The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) compliant grades the entire journey. Centacare Evolve have also committed $30,000 to this project. Council is contributing $348,000.

 Cove Hill Bridge

Council received $800,000 from the Federal Government towards the replacement of the Cove Hill Bridge, which is currently under construction. Council is contributing the other $800,000.

Brighton Bowls and Community Club

Brighton Bowls and Community Club has received a $400,000 commitment in a joint application with Council from the Federal Government towards the redevelopment of the Brighton Bowls Club. Council committed a further $400,000 with $30000 from the Club itself.

Old Beach Jetty

Under a Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST) funding program, Council has been successful in obtaining a $168,000 grant to replace the Old Beach Jetty. Council is contributing a further $120,000.

Cris Fitzpatrick Park

Under a Tasmanian Community Fund grant round Council received $49,000 for skate park equipment in Cris Fitzpatrick Park, which has now been installed.

Under a State Government Community Infrastructure Minor Grant, Council received $49,000 for new play equipment for the Cris Fitzpatrick Park, which has now been installed.

The financial summary is as follows:

Summary of Grant Financials
  Govt Grant Amount Council Investment Other Contributions  
Brighton Streetscape 840000 852750 80000
Bridgewater Parkland 430000 300000 150000
Pathways + Shelters 262000 348000 30000
Cove Hill Bridge 800000 800000
Brighton Bowls Club 400000 400000 30000
Old Beach Jetty 168000 120000
Cris Fitzpatrick Park 49000 49000
Total Total Total Total Investment
2949000 2850750 309000 6108750