Brighton rates held to CPI for 24th year in a row – $18 a year increase

FOR the 24thconsecutive year, Brighton Council will keep its rate increase in line with inflation with the general rate rise again pegged to the CPI for 2019-20.

The rise next financial year will amount to just 2.1 per cent or $18 a year for all residential households.

The rates for the coming year will not be set formally until Council’s June meeting, Brighton Council’s May workshop approved the recommended budget in principle, pegging the rate rise to the inflation increase of the past year.

Mayor Tony Foster said the Council recognised the cost of living pressures on ratepayers and their capacity to pay and he was proud Brighton had now been able to keep rate rises at or below the rate of inflation for the past 24 years.

“Like our ratepayers, Council must live within its means and that is what we are doing at Brighton,” Cr Foster said.

“Rather than spend as much as we want, we simply maintain the same level of rate revenue in real terms and budget, accordingly.

“But because of our administrative efficiency, shared serviced initiatives and other earnings, we are able to continue to enhance our services and facilities for the community.

“This year’s general rate rise equates to just $1.50 a month or 35 cents a week for all households in the Brighton Municipality, and we are committed to maintaining our fair rating system that sees us provide the lowest per capita charges in the State.

“We are proud that we have been able to keep rate increases down at a time when our costs are rising and other councils are looking to implement much larger increases.”

Cr Foster said while holding down rate increases, Brighton will be undertaking a range of community improvement projects over the coming year, from roadworks to the provision of a range of public facilities for the municipality.

Key capital projects will include the reconstruction of Green Point Road and Eddington Street in Bridgewater, the Back Tea Tree Road reconstruction, curb and channel works on Jetty Road and work on the Rifle Range Bridge at Pontville, the final bridge to be upgraded in the municipality-wide program.

“Brighton’s strong financial management and our employee efficiency and performance, coupled with our commitment to shared services with other Councils, means our ratepayers continue to benefit from the full range of services at the lowest possible cost.

“We are determined to maintain this approach and our strong record into the future,” Cr Foster said.