Brighton maintains policy and again holds rates to CPI

BRIGHTON Council will again keep its rates for the next financial year in line with inflation with the increase pegged to the CPI for the 18th year in succession.

The rise will amount to just $21 a year for all residential households.
While the annual rates will not be officially passed by Council until its June meeting, the rate determination has been approved in principle at the May Council meeting.

Because of Brighton Council’s operational efficiency and its fair rating regime, it has been able to maintain its policy of keeping rate increases at or below the increase in the Hobart Consumer Price Index.

Hobart’s CPI increase for the past year was 2.8 percent.

The flat rating regime for residential properties ensures fairness and Council is proud that we have now been able to limit rate rises to the CPI for 18 years.

This ensures that our revenue keeps pace with cost increases and that the Council is able to provide the full range of local government services, but at the same time, guarantees that ratepayers are protected from major rises as a result of revaluations or other factors.

The fairness of our methodology is emphasised by the Auditor General who has reported that Brighton boasts the lowest per capita rates in Tasmania and that the Council operations are among the most efficient in the State.

The 2.8 percent rate increase will see residential property rates rise by just 40 cents a week. Vacant residential property rates will rise by $6 a year or just 12 cents per week.

Brighton Council had reaffirmed its commitment to keep rate rises at or below the CPI increase into the future.

This is important with cost of living pressures continuing to impact on our community and we are determined to keep any increases to a minimum.

While proponents of amalgamation continue to push their case, none are prepared to guarantee that Brighton will continue to enjoy the lowest per capita rates in Tasmania, that our fair, flat rating system will be maintained, or that future rate increases will be kept at or below CPI.

The efficiency of our operations and strong financial management, coupled with our commitment to shared services with other like-minded Councils means that Brighton ratepayers continue to benefit from the full range of services provided at the lowest possible cost.

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