Brighton hails tyre recycling venture

BRIGHTON Council has welcomed the recent announcement by local business Barwick’s Landscape Supplies to partner with Australia’s oldest and largest waste tyre recycler to establish an operation in Bridgewater.

At the announcement from left, Jan Barwick, Barry Barwick, Brighton Council’s general manager Ron Sanderson, Scott Barwick, Brighton Mayor Tony Foster and Tyronn Barwick.

Brighton Mayor Tony Foster said as well as a new business establishing in the municipality, it would also make a positive impact on the Tasmanian environment.

Cr Foster said the new venture would dispose of the hundreds of thousands of waste tyres either going to landfill or being dumped each year. This environmental hazard was ever growing with the risk of toxic fires and associated health hazards.

“By recycling Tasmania’s waste tyres, the granulated rubber produced can be used for road surfacing, sporting fields, playground areas, asbestos free vehicle brake pads, matting surfaces, building insulation and even new tyres.

“The announcement is great news for Brighton and great news for the environment with some 450,000 tyres to be disposed of in Tasmania each year.

“Currently, many thousands of scrap tyres are illegally dumped every year and this not only cost millions of dollars but also produces severe health hazards and environmental damage.

“While tyre recycling has been carried out interstate for some time, Tasmanians previously had few options even if they wanted to recycle their old tyres.

“Now this will be possible locally, providing a significant and positive environmental outcome, as well as a new business with the associated economic and employment benefits.”

Cr Foster said Tyrecycle had been operating for almost 25 years and was a leader in developing new applications for scrap tyres

“It is committed to cutting the number of tyres entering the waste stream and going into landfill with the objective of collecting more than 50 percent of waste tyres (currently only around five percent of tyres are properly recycled).

“It is encouraging to see a respected local business partnering with a national leader to bring a new industry to Tasmania.

“Brighton Council is pleased to welcome the new venture to our municipality. We are committed to supporting economic and employment growth for our community and we wish the business every success,” Cr Foster said.

The new agreement between Tyrecycle and Barwick’s Landscape Supplies is focused on delivering an industry-led zero waste to landfill solution, according to Tyrecycle CEO Jim Fairweather

“It will ensure the most environmentally sound approach to recycling, with no waste tyres collected from our retail customers going to landfill or stockpiles,” Mr Fairweather said.

“It gives retailers a genuine choice for supporting positive environmental outcomes and we’re delighted that most of the major retailers have come on board,” he says.

Barwick’s has invested $1.5 million in developing a purpose-built facility at Bridgewater with the Federal Government contributing $144,000 from the Tasmania Jobs and Investment Fund.

Barwick’s will collect the waste tyres on behalf of Tyrecycle from its 12 retail sites, undertaking primary shredding of the rubber material at its new Tyre Recycling Centre.

The material will then be transported to Tyrecycle’s leading processing plant in Melbourne where it will be re-purposed for use in fuel, civil engineering materials, building and automotive products and other rubber surfaces.

“We have proven technology and established markets for the recycled products and Tyrecycle remains committed to being part of a long-term solution to encourage the safe and responsible disposal of tyre waste in Tasmania,” Mr Fairweather said.