Brighton Council urges calm and constraint

BRIGHTON Council has called for public calm and restraint for the duration of the coronavirus virus emergency.

As national emergency measures were implemented in March, acting Mayor Barbara Curran called on the community to avoid unnecessary and panic-buying of goods that put pressure on retailers and could impact adversely on low-income earners, the elderly and infirmed.

The call followed the introduction of a comprehensive range of measures by Brighton Council to protect its employees and the community in the current COVID-19 emergency.

Cr Curran said the situation remained challenging and the measures applied in March remained relevant now.

She said in the present environment, people should be more mindful of the elderly, infirmed and low-income members of the community who were unable to access or who could not afford to stockpile essential foodstuffs, household and medical needs.

“I have spoken to people, including one in a wheelchair, who have not been able to physically access supermarkets. As well, supermarkets have curtailed online shopping which has made it even more difficult for some people. While supermarkets are now opening earlier for the elderly to access items before the rush, not everyone can afford to stockpile.

“In these times, we need to be more mindful of our friends and neighbours, understand their needs and help where we can.

“Above all, we need to remain calm, observe sensible hygiene and social distancing practices and listen to the directives of the government health authorities.”

Cr Curran said Brighton Council’s first priority was to protect the health and well-being of the community and its council employees.

“We’ve adopted a range of measures to protect Council’s continued operations, services to the community, communication, Council’s offices, buildings, public toilets and events.

“Importantly, members of the community can play their part and we can do this by considering our friends and neighbours, refraining from panic-buying and assisting other people when required and when we can,” Cr Curran said.