Brighton community remembers the fallen

BRIGHTON municipality’s community members attended Brighton Council’s official ANZAC Day service at Remembrance Park Pontville on ANZAC Day last month. The official address was given by Hobart author and historian Reg A. Watson whose edited address is below.

Afterwards, members from East Derwent Little Athletics Centre in conjunction with Brighton Council hosted some fun and games for children and adults. Events included a three-legged race, piggyback races, egg and spoon, sack races and finished with an old-fashioned tug of war.

***Page 1 pic Don Fitzpatrick, Rose Coulson David Coulson Thomas Coulson Elliott Coulson and Liam Coulson
From left, Don Fitzpatrick, Rose Coulson and David Coulson with Thomas, Elliot and Liam Coulson


Bill Griffiths and Peter Mc Guinness
Bill Griffiths and Peter McGuinness.
Brighton Fire Service
Members of the Brighton Fire Service pay their respects.
Deputy Mayor Barbara Curran
Deputy Mayor Barbara Curran lays a wreath on behalf of the community.
From left, Jim Colville, ANZAC Day guest speaker and war historian, Reg Watson and Charlie Fontyn.
Mary Hibberd, Jan Oakley Raema Hughs, Lindy Brown Caroline Quandt
From left, Mary Hibberd, Jan Oakley, Raema Hughes, Lindy Brown, Caroline Quandt.
Peter Paice, Chris Cooper, Dean Plummer and Scott MalesJPG
From left, Peter Paice, Chris Cooper, Dean Plummer and Scott Males.
Ruth Foster, Kevin Foster and Malcolm Whitehead
From left, Ruth Foster, Kevin Foster and Malcolm Whitehead.