Brighton community programs deliver excellence

Mayor of Brighton

IT was with huge pride that I recently received, on behalf of our community’ the ‘Delivering Excellence for our Communities Award’ presented by the Local Government of Tasmania.

The award recognises the fantastic efforts and achievements of our community in delivering programs and events that benefit the whole of the municipality, through Brighton Alive.  Brighton Alive was established just three years ago to address an organisational void in recreational and other activity in the Brighton municipality

At that time it was clear that because we are split into distinct areas – Brighton and surrounds, Old Beach, Bridgewater, Gagebrook and Herdsmans Cove  – that little was done to promote and encourage local events and programs for our community.

Brighton Alive was formed from meetings between residents, police, sport and housing representatives and other key stakeholders to ensure more structured coordination and promotion of community events and programs.

In three short years we have much to celebrate.  As a result, we are now very proactive, while at the same time, fulfilling our social responsibility as a community.

Brighton Alive supports a range of sports and recreational events, including surfing, fishing, boxing, football and cricket.  More than 6000 residents have participated in these events over the years.  Because we have been able to reduce barriers such as transport, many children have had their first experiences such as going on a plane, visiting a beach and catching a fish. More than 1200 people attend events annually, including musical theatre dinners, comedy nights, dances and film nights provided by Brighton Alive Arts committee at a non-profit cost structure accessible to everyone.

Recent program highlights have been Dining with Friends, a monthly meal provided to local people and which has grown to 160 people in just three months, the Health and Well-being Program, introducing health and well-being programs to the community, the Women Only Gym and the Best You Can Be, which is an annual rewards program.

None of this would have happened without the commitment and dedication of a lot of people but in this instance, I want to pay particular tribute to the untiring efforts of our community liaison officer John Klug and our sport and recreation officer Ben Curley. Two remarkable young men. John inspires me as I see the outstanding job he does to make sure that activities and events really do happen. He is driven by a committed responsibility to our community’s social well-being. Knowing John he probably will be a bit embarrassed by me saying this but I am very pleased that John, and all the team at Brighton Alive, have been recognised in this way.On behalf of the community I thank all those hardworking people at Brighton Alive. You are truly deserving of this award. Well done to all.