Brighton a proven Tasmanian leader in local government

AN advertisement in the December 2010 issue of Brighton Community News demonstrated how Brighton led Tasmanian Councils across a range of services and activities.

Mayor Tony Foster says eight years later, Brighton is maintaining its position as the best performing Council in the State.

He said it took a certain type of council to remain strong and financially robust, particularly in challenging economic times.

Brighton achieved this through a progressive and innovative approach to the needs of ratepayers, the provision of services and support for local business and this was benefitting the entire community.

Cr Foster said it was worth examining just some of Brighton Council’s successes.

“Our Council is a leader in financial management and is consistently rated as the most efficient by the Tasmanian Auditor-General. Brighton has the lowest number of employees to population of any Tasmanian council.

“We continue to encourage the correct balance of growth and development through effective planning, support for developers and the promotion of the Brighton Industrial Estate encourages growth and development throughout the municipality

“Brighton’s flat Fair Rating System is the most equitable and ensures the lowest residential rates in Tasmania. It has seen rates only rise in line with or below CPI for the past 23 years.”

Cr Foster said in addition, Brighton was a recognised pioneer in resource sharing generating important revenue and reducing costs to ratepayers. Councils in the Northern Territory are now part of Brighton’s resource sharing group.

“Our award-winning MicroWise and CouncilWise technology and software businesses are now selling Brighton’s unique local government software and associated services throughout Australia and the South Pacific.

“These initiatives ensure Brighton is well-established as the most effective and lowest cost council in Tasmania, and we are determined to retain our position and reputation,” Cr Foster said.