Bridgewater market stall offer on table

Lions Club of Brighton would now like to hand the successful Bridgewater community market over to a committed community member/s to run and continue to succeed.


EARLY in 2020 were we approached by a community member who asked Lions Club of Brighton to start a Bridgewater community market. 

Since then, the Lions Club has successfully organised and held 10 markets and built the market to the stage where the feedback from both stallholders and community members is overwhelmingly positive. 

We would now like to hand the market over to a committed community member/s to run and continue to succeed. 

Our proposal is for the community member/s to shadow and learn at the March market and to take over for the April market.

As part of our proposal the Lions Club has offered to pay for the first 12 months to allow the market to continue. 

We would like to acknowledge all the hard work Lions members have put into this market with stall bookings, set-up preparation, and all the hard work that goes into organising and cooking the barbecue as well as clean up. Thankfully we have community members in our club who enjoy providing services and events for our amazing community. 

We would like to thank both permanent and casual stallholders for your time and the dedication put into the wares and stalls. 

We would like to thank community members who come to support the market despite the weather as well as all of the positive feedback and kindness. 

All monies raised while we were running the market,  as with all our projects and events,  is given back to the community.

Keep your eye on our page for information about the Lions Club of Brighton’s opening of the Brighton Market.

*Kate Dermody is service director of the Lions Club of Brighton