Bridgewater community committee to continue good work


Mayor of Brighton

THE past decade has seen considerable community activity and development in Bridgewater and Gagebrook and with the current growth and exciting development planned for the future, it is important that we do not lose the impetus that has been built up.

We must build on the accomplishments achieved under the leadership of Kris Fitzpatrick and more recently, through our community liaison officer John Klug. This work has provided an excellent conduit between the community and Council and has established a solid foundation for future community activity and progress.It is appropriate that we take full advantage of this good work ensure that the connection and flow of information between the Council and the community continues and is enhanced.

With this in mind, Council has established a Bridgewater Community Special Advisory Committee which is being chaired by Councillor Leigh Gray and that is comprised of Council and community representatives.  The prime focus of the committee is to consider key local issues and ensure that these are discussed and brought to Council’s attention. It will meet regularly to consider initiatives that will continue to grow and improve our community and Councillor Gray and the other representatives will ensure that its deliberations are presented effectively to Council

The Bridgewater Community Special Advisory Committee will undertake approved activities will play a key role in enhancing links between the Bridgewater / Gagebrook community and the Brighton Council.  It will liaise with the local community groups and community members on major issues advise Council on community views.

It will provide advice to Council on major issues referred to it from time to time and also report on matters of major community concern. It will also report back to the community on Council deliberations and initiatives.

The Special Advisory Committee will ensure that our community continues to gain the benefit of past achievements and that it receives the greatest advantage from our future initiatives. Importantly, it can play a positive role in ensuring that the local community has effective input to Council as we move forward into the future.