Brady says hard work and dedication will reap rewards

BRADY Watson, a year 13 at Jordan River Learning Federation (JRLF), is undertaking a Cert III in Sport and Recreation with East Derwent Primary School while also studying at school.

JRLF (Jordan River Learning Federation) has 14 students enrolled in an Australian School-Based Apprentice (ASbA).

Brady Watson
Brady Watson

Tamieka from Collective Ed. enjoyed connecting in with Brady to see how he is progressing with his ASbA and to understand what is important to him for his career, education and greater community in which he lives.

What are your hopes for when you finish year 13?  To find work as a TA (Teacher Assistant) while I study at Uni to become a qualified PE Teacher.

Why is this ASbA important to you and how will it help you finish year 13
?  It will give me a qualification in an area I’m interested in and enjoy.  If I didn’t have my ASbA I would find it hard to come to school, I like learning on-the-job instead of in a classroom.

What will it take for you to achieve your hopes?

Hard work and lots of dedication

Are you up to the hard work?I reckon.

What will prevent you from not completing year 13 or your ASbA?Something pretty dramatic.  It’s pretty important to me. What do you like most about it?

Helping the kids develop.

What advice would you give others who may be thinking of studying this way?

Put yourself out there. Speak up because if you don’t know one will know what you want to do.

If you could tell East Derwent Primary one thing and what it has done for you what would it be?

Thanks for taking me on.  It has really helped my confidence having to interact with other staff at school.  I no longer sit in an office on my own at break time.  I go into the staff room with the other teachers and they talk to me.

What else has coming to Jordan River Learning Federation Senior School helped you with?

Getting my Ps Licence through the Driving for Jobs Program.

Why is that important?

That way I can get to work and school without having to rely on my parents.  It’s a sense of freedom.

If you had a magic wand what would you love to see happen in your school and wider community?

I’d like to see more male teachers in schools and more local jobs in the community for local people.  Free community education classes would be good too for people who don’t work.

JRLF’s thanks go to East Derwent Primary for hosting Brady but also AFL Sports Ready for the Training Plan. Both these organisations work closely with JRLF Senior School to ensure Brady gets the help and support he needs to finish this qualification.  The partnerships at JRLF are extremely valuable.

Jordan River Learning Federation is passionate about helping students to study this way. For many of the school-based apprenticeships and traineeships provide pathways into careers in the trades and other vocations and give the trainee or apprentice a head-start in their chosen career. It also provides employers with the opportunity to start training their future workforce from a very early age.

If your business would like to work with Jordan River Learning Federation Senior School or have an opportunity for one of our students, The school would love to talk with you.  Please call and ask to speak with Tamieka.