Blitz team puts in rock solid effort


THERE was action, action and more action happening on July 18 when the Rock Property Mega Community Blitz event took place across the Brighton municipality.

More than 50 volunteers from Rock Property, Community Blitz Governance Group and the broader community took part in this concerted effort to assist local organisations.

The fantastic Mega Community Blitz team gather together after their great efforts to assist local organisations.

Activities were undertaken at Herdsmans Cove Primary School, Gagebook and Bridgewater Community Centres, Uniting Care Gagebrook,  Bridgewater PCYC, Pete’s Community Workshed, St Vinnies Growth Centre and Tagari Lia Child and Family Centre.

The work undertaken was diverse including painting a shipping container, laying concrete, installing a fence, spreading mulch, planting, painting seating and walls, mowing, replacing netting on a poly-tunnel, preparation for future work and even the installation of a coffee machine for barista training.

Staff and contractors from Rock Property were out in force to support the Mega Blitz; Rock Property business manager, Vanessa Jacometti, was instrumental in the planning and preparation that led to great success on the day.  Vanessa and Rock Property have been supporters of Community Blitz since the partnership first formed in 2012 and the company has been looking forward to making a hands-on contribution to the Brighton municipality.

Looking at the statistics of the day more than 50 people contributed seven hours each to the event making a total of 350 volunteer hours.  If you place a conservative value of $25 an hour on this time that is a total of $8750.  But far more important than the monetary value is the sense of pride and satisfaction people gained through participation.  Events such as this raise community profile and increase sense of connectedness and wellbeing – a dollar value cannot be put on this – it is priceless.

The purpose of Community Blitz is to provide people within the Brighton municipality with access to meaningful real life learning opportunities and greater community connectedness through engagement in activities that result in the maintenance and beautification of private, public and environmental spaces.

Blitz aims to engage volunteers, students, work experience participants, trainees and other interested people to work together to improve the liveability and amenities in the community as well as meaningful pathways to training and employment.  The Rock Property Mega Blitz event certainly encompassed the aims and outcomes that the Community Blitz partnership seeks to achieve in the Brighton municipality.

Community Blitz is an initiative of Brighton Alive and is funded by Tasmanian Community Fund and Skills Tasmania.  You can follow the team here or contact Brighton Council on 6268 7000 for more information.