Big tick for rating system and Council efficiency  

BRIGHTON’S fair rating system and Council’s financial management received big ticks in the recent community online survey conducted in association with the development of the Brighton Structure Plan.

Residents were invited to put forward their opinions on issues ranging from the provision of Council services to the benefits of living in the Brighton Municipality.

Brighton Mayor Tony Foster said the public input was vital to ensure that Council’s future planning focused on the issues that mattered most to the local community.Pontville-pub

Cr Foster said it was pleasing that when respondents were asked what Council did well, fair rating and financial management received the strongest responses. The construction and maintenance of public infrastructure, environmental beautification and Council’s involvement with the community also received positive responses.

“We also asked what Council needed to do better and not surprisingly, similar issues of infrastructure, community involvement and waste disposal figured prominently indicating their importance to the community.

“In response to the feedback, Council will examine its road and footpath maintenance program moving forward.”

Cr Foster said some very positive comments were received regarding community spirit in the municipality and its contribution to making a good neighbourhood. Public safety, community services and public facilities were also considered important and people were attracted to the open rural environment and the proximity to Hobart.

“However, crime, safety and anti-social behaviour of some people and the lack of some services are what people like least about living in the Brighton Municipality.

“These are issues that will need to be addressed, not only by Council, but by State authorities, service providers and the community in general.

“For our part, the community survey results will help to inform all Council activities, as well as aiding in the development of a new Structure Plan.

“The 2018 Structure Plan will direct Brighton Municipality’s future development will provide recommendations to help Council address these and other key issues.“The feedback we have received has greatly assisted the development of the draft Plan which is now open for further public comment and submission

“This is important in shaping Brighton’s future, and the great response to the community survey is a clear demonstration of our community’s commitment to the municipality,” Cr Foster said.