Athletics club aims for 150 members this year

AFTER last year’s record breaking winter season, the northern suburbs athletics club is hoping for even bigger things this year.┬áHaving exceeded 100 winter registrations for the first time last year, they are trying for 150 members this season.

The Northern Suburbs Athletic Club is looking forward to even bigger things this year.
The Northern Suburbs Athletic Club is looking forward to even bigger things this year.

Club secretary, Jim Court, said that last winter saw people take up cross country and road running in record numbers.

“It is exciting to see more people turning to athletics,” Jim said.

“People looking for a healthy activity, youngsters looking for a challenge, summer sportspeople looking to establish a fitness base for the next season, triathletes and dedicated runners all follow the Athletic South cross country season program.

“Nearly every Saturday an event is held in a different venue, each with its unique set of challenges.

“The fun run encourages competitors of all ages, both men and women. There is keen competition amongst the some of Tasmania’s best distance runners, contrasted with the more gentle exertion of those who simply want to master the course and those who just want to enjoy a brisk walk.

“Registration and entry fees are very reasonable and no special skills are needed.”

Historically, northern suburbs has been one of Tasmania’s most successful winter clubs.

In the past few years the club’s mix of top distance runners and huge range of more average performers from all age groups has kept it on top of the winter competition.

“This year we expect a big challenge from other emerging clubs and we will need to be on top of our game to maintain our position,” Mr Court said.

“The key is to have strength in all the five age groups and that comes down to getting as many members as possible.”

For more information about the cross country and road running season and about the club, contact Jim on 6223 5778 or email