Association wants your help on World War 1 photos

THE Brighton Heritage Association is commemorating the centenary of World War I  (WWI) with a new WWI display in its museum.  The display will include a number of photos of un-named men in WWI uniform.

This one was sent from France by Tom, addressed to Jack and names Chip, Bert and Les Briggs in the photo.

Are these men brothers? The Brighton Heritage Association is seeking your help.

The Association believes these three men were brothers but would like to know for sure.  It would like to hear from anyone who could confirm this and perhaps identify the men.  Can you help in their identify?

The Brighton Heritage Museum will be open on Sunday April 27  and every Sunday in May from 1pm to 3pm for anyone who would like to see the new display or help the Museum solve some photographic mysteries of brave locals who served their country in WWI.

The Museum which is doing a fantastic job in preserving the history of the Brighton municipality, is in the Old Council Chambers, Midland Highway, Pontville. You can contact the Association on 6229 5176.