Amalgamations are the main challenge for 2012


AS we come to the end of another year it is good to reflect on the past 12 months and the achievements Brighton has made.

The local government elections are over and we have an energetic and stable Council ready to take our municipality into the future.Brighton is in a very good position and there are exciting developments underway that will bring new and expanded opportunities for our people. Of course there are challenges, but we are well-prepared to meet them and I am confident that the next year will see Brighton go from strength to strength.

One of the major challenges is the push for council amalgamations which seems to have gained in strength in recent months and no doubt will continue in the new year.

Council amalgamations may be good for greater Hobart and indeed may bring savings for ratepayers in some areas. Indeed a Greater Hobart Council would provide a real focus and leadership for the south of the State and this would be bring many positives.

But Brighton has demonstrated that it can provide the amenities and services for its community with great efficiency and at the lowest possible cost.  In fact, our current modeling shows that even with the savings promised through amalgamation, Brighton ratepayers would still be substantially better off remaining with the current council arrangements.

You can be assured, that Brighton Council will not agree to any proposal that disadvantages our ratepayers. I look forward to keeping you informed as this important debate progresses. Please feel free to write to me personally on any of these issues so that we can gain as much feedback directly from the community.  My email address is

In the meantime, can I wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas and a prosperous and successful 2012