Knitting group spreads warmth and love in Nepal

THE Community Knitting Group in Bridgewater has been expanding its charitable efforts to reach out to children on the other side of the world.

Last year in July the women met Jo Ingram from Hobart who was a speaker at the knitting festival held at the Moonah Arts Centre.

 Jo Ingram with some her young charges in Nepal gratefully receiving the Community  Knitting Group’s contributions.
Jo Ingram with some her young charges in Nepal gratefully receiving the Community Knitting Group’s contributions.

Jo spoke of her doctoral research into global volunteer tourism and the journey this had taken her on through India and Nepal.

While in Nepal Jo had forged some close relationships with staff and children at some small orphanages.

The women in the local knitting group were keen to help the children by providing a range of beautiful hand crafted jumpers, beanies, scarves and gloves. It was agreed that when Jo returned to Nepal in October, she would take with her a large bag of knitted items for the children plus a few extra dollars from the group to cover the excess baggage. Jo certainly wasn’t travelling light on the way out.

The two orphanages Jo has contact with generally look after about nine children at any given time.

The children’s ages range from about five to 15 years and most are orphans with some having been found on the streets (parent’s circumstances unknown) or a few having been placed in care by authorities usually because of the absolute poverty of parents.

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world.

Jo said it had been an amazing experience giving the knitted items to the children who were very excited and rather in awe of the women’s generosity. Jo said ‘I felt like Mrs Claus opening up the bags of beautiful knitted jumpers for the children to select from’

When Jo returned to Tasmania she visited the Knitting Group and told the story of the recent trip to Nepal and brought many heart warming photos of the children receiving and wearing the knitted clothes.

The Group hope to send more to the children in the future by way of other travellers and by Jo.

If any readers are interested in the huge variety of work the knitting group does then please call around on Tuesdays from 12noon to 3pm to the Terrapin Room at the back of the Health Centre in Green Point Road, Bridgewater. You don’t have to be a knitter to call in. Who knows you might stay and become one?

Donations of wool are always  desperately needed.