Beauty and fitness a serious business for Sarah


SARAH Cockerill is a businesswoman in a hurry.  She’s already running one successful business at Old Beach – a beauty salon.  Next month she launches a second business in the municipality – personal fitness training.

The 38-year-old opened Serouse Health and Beauty at Verve just before Christmas last year after operating the business at her home in Old Beach for seven years. “It was successful, but bringing up three young kids while clients are coming into your home creates some stress, especially during school holidays.”

GLOVES ON … Sarah Cockerill takes a pounding from her long-time friend and client Julie Langford.

Did she ask her husband Dave, a carpenter at Fairbrother, to extend their own home to accommodate the beauty business?   “Hah, you know what they say about carpenters finding time to do improvements on their own home,” she said with a knowing smile. “Now that I have moved into Verve the stress has gone and my clientele has dramatically increased from 40 to 90.  I’m leasing a great facility which is dedicated to health and beauty.”

Around 20 of Sarah’s clients live in the Verve community or the neighbouring St Ann’s facility. Others seeking beauty treatment from Sarah come from as far away as Tea Tree, Lindisfarne, Glenorchy, Austins Ferry and Otago Bay. Sarah’s wide network of clients comes as no surprise to Jacquie Sanderson, director of customer services for St Ann’s and the friendly face of Verve Community. “We are good corporate citizens and engaging the community in different ways,” Jacquie explained in last month’s edition of Brighton Community News.

“We are bringing a range of services to Old Beach and the wider community.

“That’s why Verve Community houses a successful licensed café as well as a hairdressing salon and Serouse Health and Beauty. Sarah Cockerill, at 38, looks a decade younger. She obviously takes care of both her beauty regime and her personal fitness. Why the business name Serouse?   “Before I was married my maiden name was Sarah Kruse. So I sort of combined them.”

Hmm, sort of …

Sarah has been in the beauty business for 19 years, initially working at a pharmacy, then at a hairdressing salon, while she did her diploma and beauty therapy course in the evening. She then ran her first beauty salon in Glenorchy until her young family necessitated working from home, which she did for seven years. She has recently embarked on further studies – and next month will be qualified to work as a personal trainer.

Meanwhile, she has been running a series of group fitness classes at Verve and also some body core classes. One of her long-term friends, Julie Langford, also 38, of Tea Tree has been a beauty client of Sarah for the past nine years.  They met when Sarah started out on her own in Glenorchy 13 years ago. Julie will be using Sarah as her personal fitness trainer as well as receiving regular beauty treatment. “She’s a great friend and very professional in everything she does,” said Julie, who has four young children. Sarah sees her new personal trainer business having synergy with her beauty business.

“Both are about increasing a person’s confidence and self-image,” she said.

For appointments, phone Sarah on 0417 570 108.