Traditons honoured at ‘different’ Anzac Day

ANZAC Day commemorations took on a completely new meaning this year. RSL State and Territory branches across the nation united on ANZAC Day in a powerful display of solidarity and mateship to honour the service of Australia’s defence forces, past and present.

Mayor Tony Foster with Deputy Mayor, Barbara Curran.
Mayor Tony Foster with Deputy Mayor, Barbara Curran.

The national organisation came together to support a grassroots movement encouraging all Australians to stand at the end of their driveways or on their balconies for a moment of reflection at 6am on April 25. Brighton Municipality residents observed this quite different tradition during COVID-19 to Light Up The Dawn with the ANZAC spirit, by demonstrating to service people, past and present, that communities will always remember what they have done for the nation. Brighton Council and Brighton Community News thanks all residents who observed ANZAC Day in this way.

Even though there were no official proceedings, Brighton Mayor Tony Foster and Deputy Mayor Barbara Curran laid a wreath on ANZAC Day at Remembrance Park while observing appropriate social distancing protocols.

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