Pete’s Shed a proud place helps improve self-worth

A HANDFUL of dedicated volunteers is making a big impact in developing confidence and social networks in the Bridgwater community.

Pete’s Community Workshed is built on the foundations of improving self-worth and developing confidence and social networks by providing a place to meet others and not only learn skills but also share knowledge and friendship.

From left, Jen Butler MP, Opposition leader Rebecca White, volunteer Pete Taylor with Craig Farrell MLC.
From left, Jen Butler MP, Opposition leader Rebecca White, volunteer Pete Taylor with Craig Farrell MLC.

The Shed recently benefited from donations by Labor Members, Rebecca White MP, Jen Butler MP, Craig Farrell MLC and Brian Mitchell Federal MP for Lyons, who all helped fund the purchase of materials when they visited in late last year.

“Sheds play such an important role across the state connecting people through friendship, building skills and linking people with work. Tasmanian Labor is proud to support them,” Ms White said.

“We congratulate Pete Taylor and the entire Jordan River Services team for their ongoing commitment and management of the Shed for the benefit of the broader community.”

The Shed began its life in 2001 with the vision of Bill Griffiths and close mate Pete Cousens (hence the name Pete’s Community Workshed). Bill and Pete recognised a need for a place for the young unemployed within the local area to learn some woodcraft skills as a way to build self-esteem and hopefully gain motivation, empowerment and employment.

With the help of local council, business and community groups Pete and Bill saw their vision become a reality. As a non-gender specific space that remains accessible for the whole community to make use of, it wasn’t long before Pete’s Community Workshed was welcoming a diversity of groups, including school, disability, aged care groups and job seekers.

Pete’s Community Workshed welcomes all members of the public. All work is focused around woodcraft and other similar projects.




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