Community convenes for chats for change event

COMMUNITY and service providers came together recently for an event at the Brighton Civic Centre to discuss how they can make positive change so all children in the Bridgewater, Gagebrook and Brighton communities can get the very best start to life. Chats For Change was an event co-designed by the community and some local service providers, to create a unique opportunity for the community to start to lead change.


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Chats For Change was an event co-designed by the community and some local service providers, to create a unique opportunity for the community to start to lead change.

The first 250 of 1000 Voices was shared at Chats for Change and was used as the basis for discussion. This document is activating the voice of the community and helping to mobilise people who want to see change for our children.  This work comes from an initiative called Connected Beginnings that focuses on Aboriginal children and their families so that they get the very best start to life. Connected Beginnings wants to include every child, and families of all backgrounds in the work that it is doing to create a healthy, happy and connected community where all children have the chance to grow up well and achieve their dreams. Continue reading “Community convenes for chats for change event”

Twenty four years as leader in holding down rates


AT our workshop last month, Brighton Council considered its budget for the forthcoming financial year and at its May meeting approved in principle our rates for 2019/20. The recommendation will now go to Council for formal approval at the June meeting.

The Budget provides for a rate increase of just 2.1 per cent, in line with the annual increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Hobart. This means that the rate increase for every residential home in the Brighton Municipality will be $18 a year or $1.50 a month. Continue reading “Twenty four years as leader in holding down rates”

Brady says hard work and dedication will reap rewards

BRADY Watson, a year 13 at Jordan River Learning Federation (JRLF), is undertaking a Cert III in Sport and Recreation with East Derwent Primary School while also studying at school.

JRLF (Jordan River Learning Federation) has 14 students enrolled in an Australian School-Based Apprentice (ASbA).

Brady Watson
Brady Watson

Tamieka from Collective Ed. enjoyed connecting in with Brady to see how he is progressing with his ASbA and to understand what is important to him for his career, education and greater community in which he lives. Continue reading “Brady says hard work and dedication will reap rewards”

Trade Training Centre goes from strength to strength


THE Southern Central Trade Training Centre continues to expand its vocational education and training services with 11 VET qualifications now offered along with a range of TCE courses and electives. Major VET qualifications continue to be in construction, hospitality and automotive but with new additions in Individual Support and Retail Cosmetics.

There are now 96 students enrolled in a VET program, an enormous achievement in any school setting and a measure of how Jordan River Learning Federation has built its vocational program to be a strong feature of its education and training program

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  Brighton rates held to CPI for 24th year in a row – $18 a year increase

FOR the 24thconsecutive year, Brighton Council will keep its rate increase in line with inflation with the general rate rise again pegged to the CPI for 2019-20.

The rise next financial year will amount to just 2.1 per cent or $18 a year for all residential households.

The rates for the coming year will not be set formally until Council’s June meeting, Brighton Council’s May workshop approved the recommended budget in principle, pegging the rate rise to the inflation increase of the past year. Continue reading ”  Brighton rates held to CPI for 24th year in a row – $18 a year increase”

Government confirms Brighton’s rates and services the best

BRIGHTON Municipality residents continue to enjoy lower council rates and most efficient service delivery in Tasmania.

This is confirmed by the State Government’s latest snapshot of council rates for the 2017/2018 financial year, comparing average rate per rateable property, average rate per head of population and operating costs per rateable property. Continue reading “Government confirms Brighton’s rates and services the best”

Politicians’ interest welcome, as long as it’s sustained


AS I am sure everyone is well aware, we are in the midst of a federal election campaign and the politicians’ promises are coming thick and fast.

When it is financial support for important community developments, like the $6 million committed to the Brighton Regional Sports Centre at Pontville, by Senator Steve Martin and the Deputy Prime Minister, Michael McCormack and $1.7 million for the Bridgewater Parklands Stage Two development, this is welcomed by all in the community. Continue reading “Politicians’ interest welcome, as long as it’s sustained”

Decision soon on school site

THE Brighton community is eagerly awaiting the State Government’s decision on the location for the new Brighton High School, promised to be announced this month.

The $30-million high school development, to cater for students from years seven to 12, was an election commitment of the State Government and $3 million was set aside in the current budget for preliminary planning, investigation and consultation. Continue reading “Decision soon on school site”

Brighton community remembers the fallen

BRIGHTON municipality’s community members attended Brighton Council’s official ANZAC Day service at Remembrance Park Pontville on ANZAC Day last month. The official address was given by Hobart author and historian Reg A. Watson whose edited address is below.

Afterwards, members from East Derwent Little Athletics Centre in conjunction with Brighton Council hosted some fun and games for children and adults. Events included a three-legged race, piggyback races, egg and spoon, sack races and finished with an old-fashioned tug of war.

***Page 1 pic Don Fitzpatrick, Rose Coulson David Coulson Thomas Coulson Elliott Coulson and Liam Coulson
From left, Don Fitzpatrick, Rose Coulson and David Coulson with Thomas, Elliot and Liam Coulson

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Your chance to name community club

 LOCALS are being given the opportunity to name the new sport and wellbeing community club to be established in Bridgewater.

The club, the first of its type in Australia, is being established by Grassroots Community Development Pty Ltd, a company established to create social change outcomes in grassroots communities. Continue reading “Your chance to name community club”