Brighton continues to hold down rates for its municipality


Mayor of Brighton

BRIGHTON Council has approved its budget for the next financial year, keeping the increase to the annual rise in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Hobart of just two percent. The increase for householders amounts to $17 a year, or a little more than $1.40 a month.

This is the 23rdconsecutive year Brighton Council has kept it rate increase at or below the CPI rise and we are particularly proud of this achievement. We’ve been able to do this with other sources of revenue, particularly as many State and Commonwealth Government grants to local government have reduced or disappeared. Continue reading “Brighton continues to hold down rates for its municipality”

Big tick for rating system and Council efficiency  

BRIGHTON’S fair rating system and Council’s financial management received big ticks in the recent community online survey conducted in association with the development of the Brighton Structure Plan.

Residents were invited to put forward their opinions on issues ranging from the provision of Council services to the benefits of living in the Brighton Municipality.

Brighton Mayor Tony Foster said the public input was vital to ensure that Council’s future planning focused on the issues that mattered most to the local community.Pontville-pub Continue reading “Big tick for rating system and Council efficiency  “

Brighton rates to rise just 2% – that’s fair

FOR the 23rd year in succession, Brighton Council will keep its rate increase in line with inflation with the general rate rise pegged to the CPI for 2018-19.

The rise next financial year will amount to just two percent or $17 a year for all residential households.

While Councils must wait until its June meeting to formally fix rates for the coming year, Brighton Council’s May workshop adopted the recommended budget in principle, including the two percent CPI increase. Continue reading “Brighton rates to rise just 2% – that’s fair”