Clean up group needs you for its major community cleanup day

THE recently formed and very committed Bridgewater/Gagebrook clean up group will be holding a major cleanup on October 22.

Mark Bartlett and Angela Knight, the two locals behind the Bridgewater/Gagebrook clean up group which is dedicated to cleaning up rubbish in the area, have organised the day for the Gagebrook and Herdsman’s Cove areas

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Barrelful of jobs, that’s the spirit!


ADAM Bone was a stonemason in 1997 when he began learning the art of making the perfect cask at a small cooperage in the Huon Valley. Eventually, he decided to buy the business, figuring if he could complete two or three casks a week he would be able to sustain himself. Not long after this decision, the Tasmanian whisky industry began to really take off. Now Adam’s Tasmanian Cask Company employs nine other people at the factory in Bridgewater and supplies casks to premium whisky and spirit producers across Tasmania, Australia and even Scotland.

The team at The Tasmanian Cask Company

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