Brighton’s budget highlight’s Council efficiency



BRIGHTON Council’s budget for the new financial year highlights the efficiency of our administration and the ability of our staff to provide services for other councils, so earning valuable revenue that helps to fund services for ratepayers.

As we’ve already announced, Brighton’s rates this year will rise only by 1.3 percent, the annual increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Hobart. It’s the 20th year in succession that we’ve been able to hold down rates to the equivalent of the increase in the CPI and it’s fair to say that Brighton is the only council in Tasmania, and possibly Australia, able to make such a claim. Continue reading “Brighton’s budget highlight’s Council efficiency”

Brighton confirms budget and rates

BRIGHTON Council has adopted its budget for the next financial year and confirmed its rates will be held in line with the 1.3 percent increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

The annual budget, approved at the Council’s June meeting, provides for an operating surplus and fully funds depreciation on Council assets. It also includes provision for a range of initiatives to improve services and amenities for ratepayers. Continue reading “Brighton confirms budget and rates”

Community group works towards a cleaner community

MARK Bartlett and Angela Knight are two locals who are on a mission in the Brighton municipality.

They have formed the Bridgewater/Gagebrook clean up group which is dedicated to cleaning up rubbish in the Bridgewater Gagebrook area, and already it’s showing signs of success.

Bridgewater:Gagebrook cleanup
One little lad is proud of his clean up efforts.
Bridgewater:Gagebrook clean up
Founds of the group, Mark Bartlett and Angela Knight whose aim is to clean up the rubbish from the streets and further beautify the local area.

Mark said that the state of the area came to his attention when he was walking around doorknocking for the Red Shield appeal.

Continue reading “Community group works towards a cleaner community”