Waterbridge pantry stocked with foodies’ delights


THE Fast Foodie catering team at the Waterbridge Food Co-op has had a great start to the year, and has been cooking up a storm.     We now have 10 of our most popular meals available in the Waterbridge Food Co-op Pantry including Baked Honey Mustard Chicken, Beef Stroganoff, Chow Mein and fried Rice (with both a bacon and a vegetarian version).   Continue reading “Waterbridge pantry stocked with foodies’ delights”

Easter Derwent Primary School launches into learning

LAUNCHING into Learning (LiL) at East Derwent Primary School in Bridgewater recently held a fantastic open day attended by more than 60 children aged zero to four years.

Caitlyn Stringer and Gabrielle Duggan have fun with gluing and putting their collages together.

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Brighton municipality must be included in transport plans – Mayor


Mayor of Brighton

ANY consideration of public transport options along the disused rail corridor on Hobart’s western shore must include Brighton.

While a recent Infrastructure Tasmania report into the viability of a light rail system along the route, which took in all previous feasibility reports, found a system would run at an operational loss, its future has not been ruled out and the State Government has at least agreed to keep the corridor open. Continue reading “Brighton municipality must be included in transport plans – Mayor”

Pokies take ‘average wage’ from Brighton

DETAILED research indicates each poker machine in the Brighton Municipality takes more than $37,000 from the community each year.

In total, the annual losses from poker machines in the Brighton Municipality amount to $2.23 million a year, equivalent to every adult losing $208 with each machine netting  $37,225 approximately the same as the average wage for the municipality. Continue reading “Pokies take ‘average wage’ from Brighton”

Volunteers: your community needs you and thanks you

Brighton councillor urges more community involvement in volunteering

 BRIGHTON Councillor Phil Owen was a special guest speaker at this year’s Brighton Australia Day ceremony.  Mayor Tony Foster asked Councillor Owen to reflect on his more than 30 years of  volunteering in our community, which was a theme of this year’s Australia Day event.   Here is a precis of Councillor Owen’s speech.

 FIVE months after moving to Old Beach the Fire Brigade was burning off at the back of my place. I went down to see them and was invited to come to the fire station on a Wednesday night. That is how my work as a volunteer started and I have now been a volunteer with Old Beach Fire Brigade for 33 years. Continue reading “Volunteers: your community needs you and thanks you”

We’re ready to face the challenges of the future


AS this is my first column in Brighton Community News for 2016, I want to take the opportunity to wish all members of the Brighton community all the very best for the year ahead.

No doubt, the next 12 months will bring plenty of challenges, but we can take comfort in the fact that Brighton is now better prepared for the future than ever before. Our municipality is recognised for its progress, its support for its people and its innovation in attracting new development, employment and opportunities for all. At Brighton Council we are committed to building on the achievements of the past to create an even better community for the future. Continue reading “We’re ready to face the challenges of the future”

Heritage project to roll out more skills training

THE Centre for Heritage at Oatlands is delighted with the results of its 5x5x5 project in Brighton municipality and is looking forward to rolling out two more modules in the municipality in the first part of this year.

The 5x5x5 project, (five regions and five skills streams) is a three-year funded program aimed at ensuring young people are learning important skills in heritage restoration and repair. It is being conducted with five Tasmanian councils that have important community heritage assets located in areas of higher than average youth unemployment.

From left, Jack Wakefield, Shannon Miller and Thom Taylor (education support officer for the 5x5x5 project).

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Students put new skills to good use on Community Blitz trailer


A GROUP of students at the Jordan River Learning Federation Senior School worked with Robi Glimar to learn some new skills in spray painting and air-brushing.  The group was organised by Sam Coetzee from the Bridgewater PCYC and Traycee Di Virgilio from the Bridgewater Trade Training Centre provided the venue for the training.

Sam Coetzee from Bridgewater PCYC, left, and Traycee Di Virgilio from the Trade Training Centre, second from right, with
students, from left, Andie Kelly, Jayde Pennicott, Tayla Clark and Phillip Bennett Scrimshaw.

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Wildlife champion Brighton Citizen of the Year

BONORONG Park director Greg Irons has been named as the Brighton municipality’s Australia Day Citizen of the Year.

Brighton’s Young Citizen of the Year is young student Dannielle Cash of Brighton, Old Beach Cricket Club stalwart Graeme Panton the municipality’s Volunteer of the Year and the Jordan River School Farm’s, Farm Fest named as the Event of the Year.

The winners were announced at the commencement of Brighton’s celebrations of Australia Day 2016.

Brighton Mayor Tony Foster congratulated the award winners and said each made invaluable contributions to the Brighton community.

Mayor Foster said Greg Irons was an outstanding Tasmanian.

“Not only does he run a unique wildlife park and sanctuary that brings visitors and economic activity to Brighton, but he is also a champion for Tasmanian wildlife.

“Dannielle Cash has been an integral member of the Jordan River School Farm community, successfully showing sheep for a number of years. She will attend Claremont College this year provides a great example for other young people in Brighton.

“Graeme Panton has made a fantastic contribution to cricket in our municipality. The Old Beach Cricket Club provides a healthy sporting outlet for hundreds of people and is arguably the most successful community cricket club in Tasmania. Graeme leads a team of volunteers who are responsible for this.”

Mayor Foster said the Jordan River School Farm farm fest was a fantastic event for both the school farm and the community.

“Our 2016 Australia Day award winners represent much that is good about Brighton, and individually and collectively bring great credit to our municipality,” he said.

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